Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Still Growing!

Braxton started his letter off this week expressing his love for everyone. He loves us all a lot! Brax wasn't sure where to start as far as explaining all that he has learned over this week. He then said "I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON". "It's amazing and the things you can learn from it are without number." Braxton particularly studied Mormon chapters 8 and 9 and knows their love for us. He said that Mexico if very well described in these chapters and he has no doubt that the prophets of old really did see us, in our days and wrote directly to us for these days. They are pleading with us to change our ways. They know that the time is close and that the time to change is now!

Jeffery R. Holland reminds Braxton of how the ancient prophets probably spoke. That is with boldness, straightforward, clearly and with lots of love. Braxton just loves it! Braxton was thinking of the scripture that talks about asking in Faith nothing doubting and how it shall be given. He said he never quite understood that before his mission but is now catching the vision of it. Braxton said that Satan is attacking the Branch through the family really hard. (here too) Braxton was reading the scriptures and realized that he could and should pray for each family individually and ask for them to be blessed with their specific needs. He knows that Heavenly Father will bless them and be with them. That brought real comfort and peace to Braxton.

Braxton feels that before his area was opened up to the Gospel that it was Satan's kingdom. Satan was the one ruling there and now that the truth has been brought there the saints are being attacked like the ones were in the early days of the church. Braxton has really learned a lot through this experience and he testimony has grown tremendously.

Braxton has never felt happier, but at the same time never felt so sad. The happiness because of his family and his increased understanding of the Gospel and the joy that comes through working diligently. The sadness comes also from the his increased understanding that everyone doesn't have the Gospel in their lives and that many will not except it, but reject it for worldly things and loose eternal blessings. "As Moroni in Mormon asked...how do you think that eternal happiness is worth less than misery without end?" (he said not word for word but something like that) "Agency is a gift that will never be taken away..." Braxton feels great about his mission even though they are not baptizing a lot right now. He is giving it his all and doing his best. The missionaries were reminding by the Stake President that some people plant seeds and others harvest. Braxton knows he is planting a lot of seeds. The missionaries and members have helped the Lords work by activating 30 members. They are hoping to see more baptisms soon as well. Braxton asked that we all pray for him and his comp and the members and people there and throughout the world with similar situations. Braxton loves the Gospel and this church and knows that it is true!

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Jan Haws said...

Braxton, Keep working hard. You are accomplishing good things. I didn't know Mexico could be so pretty and have waterfalls. You look happy. Hang in there!