Monday, April 27, 2009

Fetchin Influenza

Braxton wrote Sunday Morning from a members house because they just got the worse news ever, he can't leave the house for the whole week. They are wearing doctor masks 24-7 and have to eat a ton of lime...straight....all because of the influenza. 86 people have died already and there's no cure for this flu. He reassures us that he doesn't mean to scare us, just informing us. :) They just need to take all precaution. They have to clean their house every day and stuff like that. "Don't worry, I'll be fine."

Braxton has two baptisms today and will leave for those but has to return to the house as soon as they are over. The government has cancelled all religious services, and school, and even the professional soccer games will be played with no spectators. Again he said "know that I'll be okay, and prayers are always appreciated."

As far as missionary work goes they are baptizing an awesome lady and her son. They were golden investigators. They just accepted everything and the second lesson they wanted to be baptized. (love that when that happens)

Oh, and some druggie came up to Braxton and asked him for money, his watch, and his pen. "Why he wanted my pen who knows." Braxton tried giving him money but he wanted more than Braxton gave him. Then he told Braxton to give him is watch and Braxton told him NO because he needed it. The guy again said "give it to me or I'll take it from you." Braxton wouldn't give in so the guy started leaving. But soon after the druggie turned and started chasing Braxton and told him that he would follow him until he gave him what he wanted. Braxton's comp had ran off and got a guy that they had just baptized last week who was working in the tiangis, the street market. He came and told the druggie off and later his son went and found the druggie and told him to leave the missionaries alone. So, all went well and nothing happened. The next day Braxton and his comp saw the same druggie and the guy just said "hi" and left them alone. (missions are exciting!)

A funny and kind of gross story from the Braxter. "So today we go to eat and the food was good. It was a lot, but not more than normal. Anyway, I ate way fast and didn't feel good at all. I went to the bathroom and couldn't drop anything (that's my boy(;) so we said bye and when I walked out the door I threw up a TON. I felt so, so, so good after. It was amazing had bad I felt, then how quick it all changed." (gotta love this kid)

Well that's about all for this week. Braxton says "all is well and I'm doing great!" He is bummed that they won't be able to go out and teach this week. He said it'll be okay though and he's going to try to read the Book of Mormon again.

"Love you all and take care, and don't worry. Doubt is the opposite of faith." "Once again, I love the crap out of all of you." "Talk to you in a few weeks." (hooray for Mothers Day!)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Doing Great!

Braxton celebrated his birthday with 3 different families. Everyone likes him so much. I put the pictures on his birthday post. Looks like he had a lot of fun. He said that at the second party and little girl named Carol,who is like 10, won 80 pecos from a slot machine at the store by her house. Braxton just thought that was funny. (how old do you have to be to gamble? at least 10 I guess) Carol also was going to make chocolate covered bananas but when she was melting the chocolate she also melted the bowl. Braxton's comp thought he'd have some of it anyway, and by the time Braxton was blowing out his candles his comp was throwing up from toxic poison. Just another little lesson learned. They also made sopes with the family, and Braxton said they are delicious.On Saturday they were able to baptize four people and he said there should be more this week. Braxton said "things are straight up and sweet." He did say that one of the ladies he baptized was terrified of water and she had to be baptized three times. He said they had to baptize her face first. I'm thinking that was the final time. The first time her foot came up and the second time her elbow and so Braxton said he pushed her down really hard the third time. His arm was red from her grabbing on so tight. (poor thing) (The things you have to go through sometimes.)

Braxton loves his mission so "flippin" much. Oh, and remember the police horses, well he has pictures. (I think that made his day)

Oh, and just a little tid bit of info about Mexico. There are so many cars that they are building roads above the other ones now to try to accommodate them all.

Braxton is being obedient! That's the only advice his dad gave him and he said that has kept him from doing some crazy things.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Braxton's Birthday!

Today is Braxton's Birthday and he said he didn't get a card or birthday wish from anyone except his dad. I sent him a Birthday Package, and his Aunt sent him one too and so I guess that's all. If you read this and are feeling bad, then write him a little Birthday Wish. (go to, it's free and fast and easy)

Happy Birthday Braxton!!! We All Do Really Love You!!!

He had a few celebrations in Mexico!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I Still Got It

"This week has been sweet. We put like ten baptism dates and things are looking beautiful!" "It's been really cool. I'll tell you the names after they are baptized."

Braxton and his companion got on a trampoline the other night and Braxton said "believe or not, I still got it." He was able to flip and do all the tricks he could when he was younger and lighter. He did confess that his back hurt afterwards and he thinks it might be from the extra weight he is carrying. (I think it might be from not warming up) He loved it and thought it was fun though.

His comp got a "Dear John". He was really down and it really slowed the work down. (see why you shouldn't have girlfriends?) Brax said that things got a little better each day though. "Easter is........well........they have a Holy Week, and this is when they don't eat meat. They have a play of the day Christ was crucified, and that's about it."

Sunday Braxton celebrated his birthday with the Zamudio Family. He said it was sweet. The family put one of our family pictures in a frame and gave it to him so we could all be there with him. (ohhhh) They also gave him a mask, a tie and a cake. (like he needs another mask) He loved it and they even let him take the car for a spin. He will be celebrating his birthday, on his birthday, with the Cruz Soto Family. "All is good, I feel great, I'm working hard, and I'm Happy!"

Monday, April 6, 2009

1000000 degrees here!

"So yeah, Conference was just awesome once again. I love Conference, but the Spanish session cut out after the second talk and would only work in English and there are only 4 white Elders in the Zone. I've been here the longest so they had me translate at the pulpit and it was the first time in my mission I spoke perfect Spanish without stuttering or pausing. I was using words I didn't even know I knew. It was just the most amazing thing ever. I can't explain how it all worked other than earlier this week was April Fools day and I didn't get to play any jokes on you, so there it is." "The session worked fine and I didn't translate a word. Ha, ha, ha."
Braxton said he really did love the Conference.

The longer he is in Mexico the more he finds out how corrupt it really is. He saw a really bad protest with some college students and the police. One of the police officers told Braxton that the only way to make a living as a cop is to let people pay you off. (Braxton-"hmmmm, I wonder why there are so many bad people in the streets still.")

In Iztapalapa (where Daniels family is from) they have a theatre where they reenact the last week of Christs life. Someone plays Christ and they are really beat and then they are nailed to a cross. After the play that actor is rushed to the Hospital. (it's all voluntary too) It's just wicked and wrong! But, that's the life in Mexico, the real life.

It is really hot in Mexico right now. The paper said it was hotter than Cancun, Mexico.

Braxton was asked out on a date by a girl that was even cute. He thought at first she was just inviting them to dinner, but then she started talking about the whole day. Spending time together to go ice skating or to six flags and she was even going to invite one of her friends. That's when Braxton realized she was asking them on a date. The sad part is that she is a member and should know better. Braxton said "don't worry I told her know and thought it was ridiculous."

Braxton was wondering how our dinner at LaFerrovia was because he said he didn't eat on Saturday!

Oh and ps.... "I need tide pens for my ties and shirts after I eat." Same ol' Brax!