Monday, April 6, 2009

1000000 degrees here!

"So yeah, Conference was just awesome once again. I love Conference, but the Spanish session cut out after the second talk and would only work in English and there are only 4 white Elders in the Zone. I've been here the longest so they had me translate at the pulpit and it was the first time in my mission I spoke perfect Spanish without stuttering or pausing. I was using words I didn't even know I knew. It was just the most amazing thing ever. I can't explain how it all worked other than earlier this week was April Fools day and I didn't get to play any jokes on you, so there it is." "The session worked fine and I didn't translate a word. Ha, ha, ha."
Braxton said he really did love the Conference.

The longer he is in Mexico the more he finds out how corrupt it really is. He saw a really bad protest with some college students and the police. One of the police officers told Braxton that the only way to make a living as a cop is to let people pay you off. (Braxton-"hmmmm, I wonder why there are so many bad people in the streets still.")

In Iztapalapa (where Daniels family is from) they have a theatre where they reenact the last week of Christs life. Someone plays Christ and they are really beat and then they are nailed to a cross. After the play that actor is rushed to the Hospital. (it's all voluntary too) It's just wicked and wrong! But, that's the life in Mexico, the real life.

It is really hot in Mexico right now. The paper said it was hotter than Cancun, Mexico.

Braxton was asked out on a date by a girl that was even cute. He thought at first she was just inviting them to dinner, but then she started talking about the whole day. Spending time together to go ice skating or to six flags and she was even going to invite one of her friends. That's when Braxton realized she was asking them on a date. The sad part is that she is a member and should know better. Braxton said "don't worry I told her know and thought it was ridiculous."

Braxton was wondering how our dinner at LaFerrovia was because he said he didn't eat on Saturday!

Oh and ps.... "I need tide pens for my ties and shirts after I eat." Same ol' Brax!

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