Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This week Braxton was on line the same time Trichelle and Kevin were and so they were able to chat a bit. Brax challenged them to read the Book of Mormon. Trichelle said she would and Brax even passed the challenge to Joe. I guess he said no, but thought it was great that Braxton is doing his missionary job. Braxton is also starting the Book of Mormon again. So if any one else wants to take the challenge, go for it!

Braxton got a new comp and he had a lot of stuff to share, but chose not too. He decided if you can't say anything good, don't say nothing at all. (I added that, he probably really has some good things too.) He just let us know it will be challenging and that he will have to step it up and won't be able to always rely on his comp. He said he will just have to rely on the gift of tongues. Which he thinks is pretty sweet. Braxton will be good for the new comp too.

Braxton put his backpack down yesterday for just a few minutes and a dog decided to relieve himself on it. (Braxton is wondering why the heck there are so many dogs everywhere in Mexico?) So, he washed it but forgot to take everything out. He had 5 pretty good sized letters that he had written in it and so they were all washed and lost. He said "Oh well, sometimes crap happens, or should I say pee." :) Oh the challenges of the mission! :)

That's about all! He said everything was "super sweet and I love the Mish."
Which magazine is your favorite? (these our the pics I found on facebook-glad the missionaries have a little fun on p-days)

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Jared said...

Gotta go with the GQ Magazine, although the cob of corn fits well with the National Geographic. Looks like he's doing well!


P.S. We have a blog for Brent, if you want to check it out: http://elderwilly.blogspot.com/