Monday, March 2, 2009

Kind of a Slow Week

Braxton said they didn't teach a whole lot this week. They had seven lessons within the first three, restoration, plan of salvation, and the gospel. (that's how he wrote it so figure it out the best you can, maybe it's just me) Then like three lessons of commandments, and then a few visits. The work is going good though and they have people who are getting close to baptism. The still need a little pushing, or teaching.
The other day a guy backed into car which pushed it back into another car and then he just left. Braxton says even though that could be like a $114 ticket it doesn't matter. Stuff like that happens all the time and no one gets caught.

They had a conference again last week. Braxton just loves them! Just when he thinks he knows everything the President will whip something new up that helps a ton in the mission. Braxton says that his President is funny too, but all his jokes makes you think and remember valuable truths. Definately called of God. Braxton said the mission has changed so much for the better. There are still lazy Elders, but just better ones than at the first of his mission.

The baptismal font was being drained one day and to drain it the water goes out a hose onto the front of the Church. A lady walked by and was furious that they were wasting water. She wouldn't listen to the Elders so they could explain. A few days later Braxton contacted her on the street and she said no she wouldn't listen because they were wasting water. She was ranting how so many people don't have water and just because the Church had money they thought they could waste it. She wouldn't listen.

Then yesterday on Sunday the family that they were suppose to eat with just gave them money instead. But, it was Sunday and so they didn't want to buy anything. Luckily they had bought bratwursts earlier that week. As they were walking home their Bishop pulls up next to them and sees they weren't at their dinner appointment and so he offers to buy them a pizza. Braxton doesn't get that??? (it reminds me of the chunky monkey ice cream)

Braxton said he learned a lot this week and that his mission will continue to get better. Here's some pictures he put on this week....

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