Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Braxton's district leader is Elder King. Elder King's Aunt lives in Hooper. Her husband is Bishop Foster, and before he was Bishop he was our wards High Councilman. They had Kevin come to dinner and one of their family home evenings to talk about his mission to their family. (small world)

Braxton saw some really cool lightening the other day. He said it lit everything up for like 3 minutes. He thought it was crazy and cool.

While Braxton's comp was taking a picture of Braxton in front of their church and when he bent down he ripped his pants all the way up the seam. Ya, they took a taxi back to their apartment and got new ones. :)

Braxton has two baptismal dates right now and this weekend they found a couple of really good investigators. He is really hoping that things work out. They had an appointment with a lady named Lucia this week and when they went walked in her husband was standing against the counter. Now Braxton has seen that before and it isn't a good sign. He was thinking, oh great he isn't going to let her accept anything. But, it turned out that he was more interested than Lucia. He told the missionaries how he had took a nap and when he woke up he felt like he needed to do something. He wasn't sure what or how. He thought he might need to go to church and then that is when Braxton and his comp (Elder Rangel) knocked on his door. He thought the things they taught were great. He said he didn't know a lot of the things and he thought it was great that there is a Prophet today and was just excited with the things that he had learned. Braxton is praying that he will keep the faith now. Braxton said "normally we have to tell them that sometimes their traditions are false, but this guy brought it up that some of his families traditions and his wife's families might be wrong." He actually wants to go to church with the missionaries now.

This week there was a document on TV about Joseph Smith. However, it was sponsored by another sorce other than the Church. It seems like many people watched it and now they have false ideas and don't want anything to do with the missionaries.

Braxton taught the Gospel Principles class on Sunday. He said it was a first for him, but he got good comment back so it must of went well.

Braxton has also started exercising and so except for having a cold sore he looks good. (He then told his dad he could send the Pride talk if he wanted to)
(this is their weight set-bottles of water and a broom stick)

Braxton wanted to make sure that everyone knows that he loves you.

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