Monday, February 2, 2009

Peace Out Y'all

That's how Braxton ended this weeks letter. "Peace Out Y'all." (I think he is feeling good.)

Braxton thinks the weeks are just flying by. They had a Conference with the President last week and he just thinks they are the coolest things ever. "I love them." "I am just blown away at how lucky I am to be a missionary." "Life has been so good, it scares me a little that is has been so easy and filled with blessings, and I'm scared that something crazy hard or terrible will happen." "I hope not." "As each day goes by I realize how blessed I am."

Braxton feels like he knows what a true missionary is now and how to do it. He said that his president is awesome and that he simplified the preach my gospel to fit on a card that they can refer too. It's really sweet and powerful. He said it makes the lessons so much clearer and spiritual.

Funny thing: Braxton contacted a girl that was like 28 years old and she said that she couldn't talk to the missionaries because she had a boyfriend. He thought that was hilarious, and wondered what the heck that had to do with talking to them.

Braxton thinks that Satan is a "fetcher". For Christmas, Braxton got some caramels in his package and had eaten them all long ago. Well, magically on Fast Sunday one just happened to appear in his pocket. He was strong though and threw it on the desk so that when he came home later that night it would be waiting. (he said he was such a man)

Braxton is pretty sure that this will be his last week in Ticoman. He said that him and his comp have been having a lot of success. In fact, better than the zone leaders. Maybe that's why the zone leaders are asking about how their (the missionaries)house is and how the area is and how many families are being taught. Braxton said they even came and worked with him and his comp the other day. Braxton thinks they are moving right in on his area and will probably baptize all the families they have been teaching. But he said "it's cool, as long as they are baptized."

Braxton was told that he looked 25. He has decided that it's because he has a ton of muscle, and he means a ton, and it is covered with a tiny bit of fat, thus making him look fat. (or just older)

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