Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Earth Quake....5.9

SO there was another Earth Quake in Mexico last week. This time Braxton felt it and he said it scared the crap out of him. He had been knocking on doors and was let in and were talking to the people when it happened. He said it felt like it lasted forever, even though it was really only about 40 seconds. Braxton said the tables, chairs, plants, lights and even the walls were shaking. Braxton thought it was rather scary, but did say that all is well and nothing happened.
Braxton said he has really learned a lot this week and that is was great. He told us that when he got to the mission that his mission was well know throughout Mexico for being the worst, disobedienat, and less successful mission. But, things have changed and it is basically the best now. Braxton really loves his mission. He said it is amazing to see how much his mission has grown together. He said there is so much unity between the whole mission and they are all together on how and what they teach. Braxton said "it's just super sweet!"

It's starting to rain a little and the missionaries are grateful for that because it cools things down a bit. Braxton said they were talking to a family on Friday that they had baptized a while ago. They were talking about the Book of Mormon and the family was convinced that the Church was true but the mom said she hadn't gotten an answer about Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon. Just a few days earlier they had been working with their District Leader. Braxton said that he has always promised answers but never for a specific day. The District Leader told the missionaries that they had the power to promise answers for the same night that they pray. That really hit Braxton hard and he thought a lot about it. Anyway, so when he was talking to that lady he promised her that she would get an answer that night. It happened and Braxton said it was really cool. Until that promise was made she hadn't gotten an answer but after it was made she did. This experience helped Braxton understand the power of his calling even more.

They had another baptism (I think on Sunday) and they didn't have very much water for the baptism. So, they did they baptism on their knees and the kid that was getting baptized had to lay completely flat on the floor to be completely under the water. It was a neat experience. He was the last of his family to make the decision to be baptized. Now they just need to do the temple work for the dad. Braxton just loves watching the gospel bless families!

Sad but true...."so yesterday I saw a few people living in old abandoned cars which was really sad, here in the city just isn't the best place to live, in my opinion anyway."

"Being a Missionary Rocks!"
Love, Elder Ropelato

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back to Normal

The First Presidency said that the missionaries can work like normal again. They don't have to wear masks anymore and they can wear their ties again. They promised them that they would be fine.

Braxton has had a lot happen and promises to explain it all when he gets home. The things he did share are: They had a baptism of Fernando Camacho this week and Fernando was thrilled about it. They had the baptism with some members and so one of the members stayed in the water and baptized Fernando. Braxton said it was really neat!

The Elders are back to teaching English and Braxton really enjoys that and says it is really fun. (another reason to study hard in school, who knows you may be teaching someday without planning on it) They had a guy come in Saturday who's intestine was half in and half out. He doesn't have the money to have it fixed so that is how it will be. Braxton said he thought that was really gross and sad.

Braxton has one investigator that he loves to death. The investigator has been really stubborn and always made fun of his family that are members in Veracruz. He had learned things from his family but said the missionaries were "his little angels" because they were the ones that were able to touch his heart. Braxton loves being God's tool, and watching the spirit work through him. This guy is dropping everything without delay. He quit smoking cold turkey and even got really sick because his body wanted the nicotine. The guy said he would rather die than smoke again and give in to his addictions. He also said that nothing is as important as God and his family now and that is why he is doing everything without questioning. Braxton said that they do need to get him divorced from his first marriage and get him married to the lady he has been with for the last 15 years. Braxton just loves this investigator and things he is so awesome.

Braxton mentioned that he had heard of a really good book. It is called Day of Defense. So I guess I'll look for it because he would like to read it when he gets home.

Braxton ends with: "I love you all a ton and I'm working hard."

Thursday, May 14, 2009

hALf WaY!!!

WOOT, WOOT! Braxton as been serving on his Mission in Mexico City for a Year! Before we know it he'll be home giving us all hugs again! Very good thought and HaPpY dAy!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Well we were able to call and talk to Braxton on Mother's Day and that was wonderful! Braxton is doing great. He does have a hard time speaking English now and has to think of the right words. He speaks English now with a Spanish accent. I didn't realize it was him when I called. LOL :oD

This week the missionaries and I guess ward members were told not to wear their ties. If you think about why it makes sense. Ties have so many germs, everyone touches them and they seldom if ever get washed. They are taking that precaution for the swine flu. He didn't seem too concerned about the flu. His mind was on teaching and baptizing, which they are doing a lot of. He has more baptisms this week. :) We talked about how he would have been if he would have gone to Italy. It was decided by him that God knows Braxton wouldn't have been able to handle the no baptisms and hard work. That's why he's in Mexico. (ummm, God really does know us better than we know ourselves)

Braxton and his comp are being really conservative this month. They have to be because his comp spent all his $$$ on a new camera. (he must have really needed one(;) They can't afford TP so the newspaper is covering for them. (hee, hee, wonder what it's leaving behind on their behinds.) Braxton wasn't complaining, just saying. He loves his mission and all that he has learned. Everyone really enjoyed talking to Braxton.

We love you Braxton!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What A Week!

On Sunday Braxton got really sick. He said it was so bad it put him in tears. He couldn't move without pain and didn't have energy at all to move. At one point he couldn't move his hand because it had locked up like it would with a cramp but there wasn't any pain. The family that he was with wanted to call an ambulance, but Braxton told them to call the Bishop first. The Bishop went right over and gave him a blessing. He said he felt a million times better right away. Everyone was still scared though because he still didn't look like himself. (in fact, he said "terrible") The missionaries were going to stay overnight at the Bishops house but Braxton started feeling better and so he was taken home and everything has been fine. He said it feels fine now so not to worry.
He learned a ton this week from staying home and studying. He said "I realize the work wasn't put on hold it was just a needed pit stop that I needed in my mission to learn some things that will help me accomplish more faster." He said he learned a ton from the book of mormon and a lot about prayer. He also said he learned how to learn and grow when the normal help of Church Meetings, and mission work wasn't there. He thought it was amazing and liked the time that he had for reflection. (mentioned that's why he likes hunting so much, the reflecting and quiet that comes with it)

The missionaries had a baptism on Saturday and Braxton said the "spirit" was really strong and so powerful. They couldn't have any members there because of the Flu going around, but the Bishop was there and it was such an awesome night. The baptism was of Juan Alvarez, a guy who had smoked three packs of cigarettes every two days for 55 years. Ahhh, it's all so tru"I'm doing my part, so don't worry." "I'm glad that Christ is on my side."

Braxton congratulated Trichelle and Joe on their marriage but was just a little disappointed they didn't have it at Kamp Kaboom.

also PS pray for Paul Hancock (one of Braxton's friends serving a mission). He is in the Hospital and has diabetes, but his attitude is good.

Love You all a Ton.......Elder Ropelato