Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What A Week!

On Sunday Braxton got really sick. He said it was so bad it put him in tears. He couldn't move without pain and didn't have energy at all to move. At one point he couldn't move his hand because it had locked up like it would with a cramp but there wasn't any pain. The family that he was with wanted to call an ambulance, but Braxton told them to call the Bishop first. The Bishop went right over and gave him a blessing. He said he felt a million times better right away. Everyone was still scared though because he still didn't look like himself. (in fact, he said "terrible") The missionaries were going to stay overnight at the Bishops house but Braxton started feeling better and so he was taken home and everything has been fine. He said it feels fine now so not to worry.
He learned a ton this week from staying home and studying. He said "I realize the work wasn't put on hold it was just a needed pit stop that I needed in my mission to learn some things that will help me accomplish more faster." He said he learned a ton from the book of mormon and a lot about prayer. He also said he learned how to learn and grow when the normal help of Church Meetings, and mission work wasn't there. He thought it was amazing and liked the time that he had for reflection. (mentioned that's why he likes hunting so much, the reflecting and quiet that comes with it)

The missionaries had a baptism on Saturday and Braxton said the "spirit" was really strong and so powerful. They couldn't have any members there because of the Flu going around, but the Bishop was there and it was such an awesome night. The baptism was of Juan Alvarez, a guy who had smoked three packs of cigarettes every two days for 55 years. Ahhh, it's all so tru"I'm doing my part, so don't worry." "I'm glad that Christ is on my side."

Braxton congratulated Trichelle and Joe on their marriage but was just a little disappointed they didn't have it at Kamp Kaboom.

also PS pray for Paul Hancock (one of Braxton's friends serving a mission). He is in the Hospital and has diabetes, but his attitude is good.

Love You all a Ton.......Elder Ropelato

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