Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Well we were able to call and talk to Braxton on Mother's Day and that was wonderful! Braxton is doing great. He does have a hard time speaking English now and has to think of the right words. He speaks English now with a Spanish accent. I didn't realize it was him when I called. LOL :oD

This week the missionaries and I guess ward members were told not to wear their ties. If you think about why it makes sense. Ties have so many germs, everyone touches them and they seldom if ever get washed. They are taking that precaution for the swine flu. He didn't seem too concerned about the flu. His mind was on teaching and baptizing, which they are doing a lot of. He has more baptisms this week. :) We talked about how he would have been if he would have gone to Italy. It was decided by him that God knows Braxton wouldn't have been able to handle the no baptisms and hard work. That's why he's in Mexico. (ummm, God really does know us better than we know ourselves)

Braxton and his comp are being really conservative this month. They have to be because his comp spent all his $$$ on a new camera. (he must have really needed one(;) They can't afford TP so the newspaper is covering for them. (hee, hee, wonder what it's leaving behind on their behinds.) Braxton wasn't complaining, just saying. He loves his mission and all that he has learned. Everyone really enjoyed talking to Braxton.

We love you Braxton!!!

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