Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back to Normal

The First Presidency said that the missionaries can work like normal again. They don't have to wear masks anymore and they can wear their ties again. They promised them that they would be fine.

Braxton has had a lot happen and promises to explain it all when he gets home. The things he did share are: They had a baptism of Fernando Camacho this week and Fernando was thrilled about it. They had the baptism with some members and so one of the members stayed in the water and baptized Fernando. Braxton said it was really neat!

The Elders are back to teaching English and Braxton really enjoys that and says it is really fun. (another reason to study hard in school, who knows you may be teaching someday without planning on it) They had a guy come in Saturday who's intestine was half in and half out. He doesn't have the money to have it fixed so that is how it will be. Braxton said he thought that was really gross and sad.

Braxton has one investigator that he loves to death. The investigator has been really stubborn and always made fun of his family that are members in Veracruz. He had learned things from his family but said the missionaries were "his little angels" because they were the ones that were able to touch his heart. Braxton loves being God's tool, and watching the spirit work through him. This guy is dropping everything without delay. He quit smoking cold turkey and even got really sick because his body wanted the nicotine. The guy said he would rather die than smoke again and give in to his addictions. He also said that nothing is as important as God and his family now and that is why he is doing everything without questioning. Braxton said that they do need to get him divorced from his first marriage and get him married to the lady he has been with for the last 15 years. Braxton just loves this investigator and things he is so awesome.

Braxton mentioned that he had heard of a really good book. It is called Day of Defense. So I guess I'll look for it because he would like to read it when he gets home.

Braxton ends with: "I love you all a ton and I'm working hard."

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