Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Celebrating Dad's birthday

Braxton and the other missionaries went to Pena again. They ran across a guy who told them about a cave. Braxton of course was excited because he loves adventure. The guy went with them and Braxton was talking to him. As they talked they discussed stories about "the devils cave." Braxton said the stories weren't good stories either, then the guy told them that is where they were at. Braxton said it was way tight and they lighted their way with cell phones.

Braxton didn't work a lot in his area this week because of Christmas and being in Metepec for the majority of the time. They did find a family of five however. The family had a nephew that had passed away a few months ago and they were interested in the message the missionaries had.

Things are going good and the time is flying by. Braxton is way happy though and enjoying his mission. For Christmas Braxton got the "Miracle of Forgiveness" by Spencer W. Kimball and he is enjoying reading it. (he loves it) His favorite quote so far is: "Hell is paved with good intentions!"

Yesterday only seven people were at church and two of those were the missionaries. So that is the only thing that isn't good right now. ("it sucks, oh and so does Satan")

Loved talking to the family on Christmas. It was a highlight for Braxton and us all.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


This year Braxton got a box of wrapped gifts with scriptures to go with the gifts inside. I guess all the gifts had been poked by someone so they could see what was inside. So instead of a gift a day some got opened sooner. Braxton and his comp had Christmas with a few other Elders. I think Braxton said there were 6 of them together. (they were in Metepec) Braxton also got a book of the cruises which he loved! I know the missionaries went some place Christmas morning but from about 10:11 his time until about 2:30 he had his phone to his ear. :) Brooke came over and spent a little time talking to him too.
We let Jaydan talk to Braxton first and tell him about his mission call. Braxton guessed the closest and had even thought of Uruguay. I guess we know who has the "spirit". Anyway for guessing so close, Braxton will get another package sent to him before he comes home. Everyone in our family got to spent time talking to Braxton. Braxton sounded really good and has changed in a good way. He even has noticed the change in himself. :) It was really nice having the time to talk to him. We went through 4 calling cards. We wouldn't have even went through one if it had been a land line but cell phones eat up the minutes. I'm not complaining though because I had bought the calling cards last year and had them left over.

One more phone call in May and then Braxton will be home. Jaydan will just miss seeing him by a month. So another 2 years for those two!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Metepec for Christmas

Braxton was a little sad that he wouldn't be spending Christmas in Valle de Bravo. Even though he is still assigned there the zone will be spending Christmas in Metepec all together. I guess it's to keep everyone doing the right thing and not messing up by doing something stupid.
They confirmed Ernestina yesterday and afterwards had a little branch activity which was nice.Braxton said it is a little cold (who'd have thought in Mexico). He didn't right much else because his hands were numb and besides we get to talk to him this week for Christmas! Hooray, Merry Christmas to us all!

Braxton needs glasses and so when he gets home he plans on working in the fields to work off anything that we might send him to help with the expense. (good boy!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dec 14th 19th month mark!

This week was a great week for Braxton. They had a baptism on Monday and it was good. There were a few complications but everything worked out and they got it done. The family was late but they are three hours from Braxton's area so they were forgiven. They did the baptism interview in the food court at a mall and then they went to the Church. Elder King and Magadan had a baptism on Sunday and the water hadn't drained all the way so Braxton got to stand in the cold water and bucket it out for two hours. They were able to get it warm though for the baptism. The woman that was getting baptized was a big lady and so they thought that going face first might be the best idea. They tried it and she didn't go all the way under. Braxton had thought about pushing her but hadn't. They had to try again and this time Braxton did push her so that she would go all the way under. She is happy that she is now baptized.

They had Zone Conferences again and Braxton was told to prepare a talk. He prepared for it and had a talk ready that would have lasted over 1/2 an hour and again did not need to use it. The President and the assistants did everything. Braxton said even though the meeting was repetitious it was still good and he did learn from it.

Braxton then had a 2 1/2 hour bus ride home. He got on where the bus starts and off where it ends. He found a seat and got comfortable. The bus filled up pretty quick and Braxton didn't feel too bad about keeping his seat since those standing were all men. Then a young lady got on the bus and was standing by Braxton. He still didn't want to give up his seat since he gets motions sickness but he thought if she looked at him that he would. She ended up stepping on his foot and looking at him to say she was sorry. Braxton then gave up his seat to her. After standing for 45 minutes the guy sitting next to the young lady gets off and Braxton takes that seat the rest of the way. When he sat down they saw a semi and trailer completely upside down and twisted up pretty bad. When Braxton got off the bus he slipped and noticed that it was because he just stepped in someone elses throw up. (yuck!)

Braxton went to Elder Kings house to pick up some of his clothes and noticed that the place was a disaster. The Elders were at a food appointment at the time. So Braxton made their beds, folded some clothes and swept the floor, organized the desks and bought light bulbs for them and put candy corn on their beds. (Brax is a keeper!) The missionaries had told Braxton that they didn't have gas and had been showering out of a bucket. Braxton decided to buy them a tank of gas and have it hooked up. When he went out to unhook the tank that was there it was half full. So, Braxton went inside and hooked up the boiler. (the Elders just didn't know how to do it. Thank goodness Braxton did)

Braxton had a really good talk with Viridiana, the really cool lady that still isn't baptized. He feels like she will be able to make the decision to be baptized soon.

Berenice and Domitila and Jenny all want to be baptized but the husbands or fathers won't allow it to happen. That really bums Braxton out and he wished that he could talk to the men, but they are never around.

Braxton is continually learning everyday and loves how amazing it is to be a missionary and serve the Lord. He loves it!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Fast Week

It is scaring Braxton how fast the weeks are going by. An Elder told Braxton that he only has 23 weeks left and that didn't really make Braxton's day at all. The time is going quickly and it opened Braxton's eyes. He said "all is well" though. Braxton doesn't have any regrets about his mission so far and probably won't with the little time left.

Changes were on Tuesday and then a leadership meeting on Wednesday, Zone meeting on Thursday. Braxton didn't get back to his area until Thursday Night. He had some good news.....he got to go with the zone leaders to Ticoman and show them some of the people he had worked with a year ago. It was great seeing those people again.

President Fuentes went up to Braxton after one of the meetings and told him that he was trusting Braxton with his new comp. Even though Braxton hadn't heard much good about his comp he said the few days that he has been with him has been fine! Braxton is on fire and loves working. He is excited with this change and even has two baptisms set up, which of course is always way exciting.

Braxton doesn't have much else to share since the week just kind of blurrs together. He said that the weather is nice. A little chilly but not near as bad as last year. (I'm glad he has cool weather....I thought it would be hot all the time)

Braxton loves us all and will be talking to us in just 18 days!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Quick Week

Braxton said not much has changed since last week. The cookies that he was making for a family on Thanksgiving worked out great and now that family thinks he is a great chef. (I got a call from Braxton only because he had a ? about the recipe....lucky me!)

This last Sunday there were 34 people at church which is the most that they have ever had. Quite the change from last week! Church was awesome and the Elders Quorum's wife brought lunch for everyone so they could all eat together after Church. A few of the investigators left for awhile and showed up later with some cake that they had bought at the store. :) (ignorance is bliss at times) They haven't learned yet about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.

After Church Braxton went to Tejupilco for a baptism of a lady that Braxton had interviewed. She wanted Braxton and his companion to go so they did and it was neat.

Today (p-day) Braxton went to see the butterflies again. This time they went with some Elders and they traveled on horse. Braxton misses horseback riding really bad and was glad for the opportunity.
They have changes tomorrow and Braxton's comp is being transferred. They have worked really well together and Braxton will miss him. Braxton's new comp will be Elder Escobar. Braxton is hoping he gets to stay in this area for Christmas. He's not ready to leave yet. But, he will if that's what the Lord wants. He will go where the Lord wants him to go!

*His Christmas Packages made it!