Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Quick Week

Braxton said not much has changed since last week. The cookies that he was making for a family on Thanksgiving worked out great and now that family thinks he is a great chef. (I got a call from Braxton only because he had a ? about the recipe....lucky me!)

This last Sunday there were 34 people at church which is the most that they have ever had. Quite the change from last week! Church was awesome and the Elders Quorum's wife brought lunch for everyone so they could all eat together after Church. A few of the investigators left for awhile and showed up later with some cake that they had bought at the store. :) (ignorance is bliss at times) They haven't learned yet about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.

After Church Braxton went to Tejupilco for a baptism of a lady that Braxton had interviewed. She wanted Braxton and his companion to go so they did and it was neat.

Today (p-day) Braxton went to see the butterflies again. This time they went with some Elders and they traveled on horse. Braxton misses horseback riding really bad and was glad for the opportunity.
They have changes tomorrow and Braxton's comp is being transferred. They have worked really well together and Braxton will miss him. Braxton's new comp will be Elder Escobar. Braxton is hoping he gets to stay in this area for Christmas. He's not ready to leave yet. But, he will if that's what the Lord wants. He will go where the Lord wants him to go!

*His Christmas Packages made it!

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