Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Fast Week

It is scaring Braxton how fast the weeks are going by. An Elder told Braxton that he only has 23 weeks left and that didn't really make Braxton's day at all. The time is going quickly and it opened Braxton's eyes. He said "all is well" though. Braxton doesn't have any regrets about his mission so far and probably won't with the little time left.

Changes were on Tuesday and then a leadership meeting on Wednesday, Zone meeting on Thursday. Braxton didn't get back to his area until Thursday Night. He had some good news.....he got to go with the zone leaders to Ticoman and show them some of the people he had worked with a year ago. It was great seeing those people again.

President Fuentes went up to Braxton after one of the meetings and told him that he was trusting Braxton with his new comp. Even though Braxton hadn't heard much good about his comp he said the few days that he has been with him has been fine! Braxton is on fire and loves working. He is excited with this change and even has two baptisms set up, which of course is always way exciting.

Braxton doesn't have much else to share since the week just kind of blurrs together. He said that the weather is nice. A little chilly but not near as bad as last year. (I'm glad he has cool weather....I thought it would be hot all the time)

Braxton loves us all and will be talking to us in just 18 days!

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