Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Manners

Well Braxton informed us this week that he has really good manners and that I'd be proud of him. He said that everyone always eats with their fingers and talks with their mouths full. Either he isn't or he is fitting right in. I'm not sure, but either way he is fitting right in.

There are little street stores all over and they are ran by even kids. Braxton saw one the other day where a little 9-10 year old was running it. Braxton thought it was kind of cool, but at the same time felt bad that the kids really don't have much of a childhood.

Braxton has been teaching a lady named Brenda, and every time they set a baptismal date (they've set like 4) something weird always happens the day before. That is so how Satan works. He does not want us to do the things that will better ourselves or others. They are not giving up on her though. They are also teaching a guy names Louis Alberto. He actually contacted the missionaries and they have been teaching him. After the first lesson they had him pray, which of course they had to teach him how first. Braxton's comp freaked out because he thought it was so amazing and marvelous. Braxton thought his comp was funny for getting so excited. He said you would have to be there. Braxton said there are other cool families too.

Braxton loves being a Missionary!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Working Hard

Elder Ropelato is still working really hard. They aren't seeing a lot of success right now, but continue to plant the seeds. At one of the mission conferences Braxton's Mission President complimented him on his Spanish. It made Braxton feel good since he thinks the progress is so slow. Braxton really enjoyed his President because he could understand him. (I don't know when this picture was taken, but it is in an old pool hall, something you'd see in a movie Braxton thought)

Braxton has decided it's the grease from the taco's that is making him sick, not the brains and intestines.

Braxton's Bishop is a clown and was showing them magic tricks and stuff. Then he took them to get hamburgers. Braxton really likes his Bishop and thinks he is a cool guy.

The funny thing for this week is that Braxton fell out of his bed. He said it was like 4:00 in the morning and he just fell out. His comp woke up and looked over to check on him and then they just both laughed and went back to sleep. Braxton said that hasn't happened since like kindergarten and it kind of hurt because it is just tile floors. (this is Braxton in a school uniform. He bought it because it reminded him of Colin Cox,)

Elder Ropelato is doing great and he is having fun!

Monday, October 13, 2008

More Cow Parts

Elder Ropelato and Elder Cruz are working really hard. They are hoping for baptisms, but Braxton says as long as they are doing what they can he feel good. Elder Ropelato is having a bit of a problem with the different foods they have in Mexico. He likes most of it but he is having some that isn't so great. He had another interesting taco. It made him sick, really sick. I wonder if it was because it was cow intestine. Of course that is why, how gross!

While his comp was talking to some crazy guy, Braxton talked to another guy and was able to teach him the first lesson and gave him a Book of Mormon. He's hoping things will go good from there.

It rained so hard the other day, harder than Braxton has ever seen before. He said he couldn't have gotten more wet if he would have jumped in a lake. He says it's "fun".

Braxton's spanish is improving all the time and the time away is going faster. He said it feel's like he just talked to us all. (he actually said y'all) He's excited to talk to Kevin in Spanish at Christmas. He believes they will be able to communicate even though there are a few difference between the Spanish from the DR and that of Mexico.

One last thing that he told us was that the bus drivers are young. At least the ones he's seen this week. He is sure the one was younger than him, like maybe 17. Crazy Fun in Mexico!

(Here he is in his hammock. It looks like he is studying)

Cow Brains

Braxton has had his first taco of Cow Brains. (yuck-I'm gagging just typing this) The people in Mexico don't waste any part of the cow. He said the thought of eating it was the worse part though. He really misses our steaks from home. He was talking to the people about deer hunting and rabbit hunting and they just didn't get it. They are saddened by the thought of killing animals. The cultures are certainly different he says "they kill people without eating them".

He has been studying alot and loves the stories in the Book of Mormon. Braxton loved Conference. They were having English classes on Saturday and told the students if they wanted to learn more English they could watch the Conference in English. Some of them chose to and that was "cool" to Braxton. Braxton's comp had scheduled an appointment at the start of the Sunday afternoon conference and so Braxton paid another Elder $5 to take his place. (that is so Brax, he use to try to bribe me to do his dishes) Braxton didn't really want to miss Conference. The appointment ended up falling through and the Conference didn't come through in English. Braxton thinks it was probably because he paid someone to do his work. Braxton mentioned the talk about sending letters to the missionaries. He would like everyone to really consider that one, he says letters are a real boost to the missionaries. (so bring them on)

Elder Ropelato is working hard and loves being a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Braxton What?

At the first of Braxton's letter this week he said "I'm a sewing fool". He made a pillow from a shirt and thought that was pretty neat. He forgot how I showed him to make a knot at the end, and I tried to explain it again via e-mail, but I am sure he'll figure it out. (he's a smart boy!) (here's the finished pillow! Good job Braxton)

He never ceases to be amazed of things and conditions in Mexico. He said that they have soccer fields painted in the roads.

Good news about Guadalupe, the lady he has been teaching, she was baptized on Sunday. Elder Ropelato said it was really cool, the Spirit was strong and the members where very supportive. (this is Elder Ropelato, Guadalupe, and Elder Cruz.)

Braxton has become less picky as far as food goes. He says that the food is good especially when the members feed them. He tries everything now and even said sour cream on banana's is pretty good. I think this is corn on the cob with other stuff on it.His comp told him that he talks in his sleep alot, and Braxton said that he was glad his comp doesn't understand English. :)

Braxton is counting his mission by the Hunting Season's and only has one more to go. :) Time Flies in the Mission Field!

Braxton loves being a missionary and is learning a lot!