Monday, October 13, 2008

Cow Brains

Braxton has had his first taco of Cow Brains. (yuck-I'm gagging just typing this) The people in Mexico don't waste any part of the cow. He said the thought of eating it was the worse part though. He really misses our steaks from home. He was talking to the people about deer hunting and rabbit hunting and they just didn't get it. They are saddened by the thought of killing animals. The cultures are certainly different he says "they kill people without eating them".

He has been studying alot and loves the stories in the Book of Mormon. Braxton loved Conference. They were having English classes on Saturday and told the students if they wanted to learn more English they could watch the Conference in English. Some of them chose to and that was "cool" to Braxton. Braxton's comp had scheduled an appointment at the start of the Sunday afternoon conference and so Braxton paid another Elder $5 to take his place. (that is so Brax, he use to try to bribe me to do his dishes) Braxton didn't really want to miss Conference. The appointment ended up falling through and the Conference didn't come through in English. Braxton thinks it was probably because he paid someone to do his work. Braxton mentioned the talk about sending letters to the missionaries. He would like everyone to really consider that one, he says letters are a real boost to the missionaries. (so bring them on)

Elder Ropelato is working hard and loves being a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

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