Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Braxton What?

At the first of Braxton's letter this week he said "I'm a sewing fool". He made a pillow from a shirt and thought that was pretty neat. He forgot how I showed him to make a knot at the end, and I tried to explain it again via e-mail, but I am sure he'll figure it out. (he's a smart boy!) (here's the finished pillow! Good job Braxton)

He never ceases to be amazed of things and conditions in Mexico. He said that they have soccer fields painted in the roads.

Good news about Guadalupe, the lady he has been teaching, she was baptized on Sunday. Elder Ropelato said it was really cool, the Spirit was strong and the members where very supportive. (this is Elder Ropelato, Guadalupe, and Elder Cruz.)

Braxton has become less picky as far as food goes. He says that the food is good especially when the members feed them. He tries everything now and even said sour cream on banana's is pretty good. I think this is corn on the cob with other stuff on it.His comp told him that he talks in his sleep alot, and Braxton said that he was glad his comp doesn't understand English. :)

Braxton is counting his mission by the Hunting Season's and only has one more to go. :) Time Flies in the Mission Field!

Braxton loves being a missionary and is learning a lot!

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