Monday, September 22, 2008

Elder Ropelato is still Braxton

Braxton is still just a crazy and adventurous kid, making fun happen. After some rain, Braxton and his comp were walking down the street and when the walks were narrow and his comp had to follow, Braxton would grab a branch from and tree so his comp would get wet. :) ("ah, good times")
(Elder Ropelato and Moreno)

His foot went through the floor of a taxi. A rug was covering it up so he couldn't tell there wasn't a floor until he stepped down. (conditions are great)

The Elders were assigned to pass out flyer's announcing an open house for a new chapel in the pressa. Braxton said there were like 3 thousand so they were busy. They just started handing them out to everyone. Then the missionaries got on a bus (there were 5 of them). There are people that always get on the bus and sell stuff, they yell to everyone and then walk down the aisles. So, Braxton thought he would try using that technique. He was the only one that isn't fluent in Spanish, but no one else would do it. (only Brax) Braxton walked to the front of the bus and explained about the open house and then passed out the flyer's. He said it was kind of crazy, but fun. Braxton thinks he handed out the most flyer's, because some of the Elders just stood there, but Braxton had fun regardless.

"So, Justin thought he saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa (while on mission in Italy)?" "There are a ton of buildings here that are leaning and what not. Okay, not as bad as the tower, but let's just say they wouldn't pass code in the US."

Braxton has been teaching a lady named Guadalupe, and she is getting baptized Sunday and is loving everything about the church. Braxton says it is really cool to see her excitement and love for the Gospel.

Here's a few pictures Braxton e-mailed this week. A few are action shots, can you guess which ones? (j/k)

(Man I love that smile!)

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