Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Elder Ropelato is a "Teacher"?

Braxton was excited that he got to eat at "Burger King". He said it was was really good.(Someone was having a little party with a lot of balloons)

Every one wants to learn English and so Braxton feels so smart because he gets to teach them. :)He said little kids are always asking him questions and he is helping a neighbor with her English class. He loves it. He is even teaching piano lesson every Saturday. (say what?) Even though he doesn't know much himself, he is willing to share his knowledge with others. It is helping him with his Spanish too, because they didn't learn the words you need to teach piano. He is loving it! Good Times!

They had 6 investigators at Church on Sunday and Elder Rope says they are cool and they even have more that they are teaching. He loves sharing the Gospel. One lady, Guadalupe even asked for Braxton and his companion to teach her. :) (cuz he's so cute!) She loves going to Church and loves everything the Elders say. It is Great!

Spanish is coming along. It will still take some time, but Braxton said he can follow almost all the conversations, except the lessons in Church are hard to follow because they aren't talking right to you. It's coming along though.

Braxton likes most of the food. There is one item he's not a big fan of though and it's "a cactus leaf thing". It's slimy, green, and gooey.

Braxton has realized the importance of "Family". He didn't really realize it until we weren't right there for him. He loves explaining the importance of family to others. He is slowly figuring out how to get lost in the work and so everything is great.

Brax says the weather in Mexico is always great. However, he admitted he will miss the changing of the seasons. He loves being there though!

Being a Missionary is Wonderful!Elder Ropelato and the City!

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