Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh, Happy Day!

I felt good today when Braxton wrote and said he was getting my letters now. (my fault he wasn't. I wasn't pushing the Provo, Mtc button. oops)

But now he is and that makes me Happy! :) His letter this week was actually two full pages and they were even big pages. :)

He requested a bunch of addresses. Beware they could be yours if he doesn't already have them. (now if I only remember to send them to him)

Braxton said "so you remember the little Braxton who couldn't gain weight to save his life? Well, he has gained 18 pounds! Crazy Huh?" The funny thing about that is he requested cup of noodles, easy mac and microwave dinners in his p.s.. Now I'm wondering why he would want those. It sounds like he is getting plenty to eat. (LOL) I have to admit that is a first for a request like that. The other boys just wanted treats. :0)

Elder Ropelato has seen like 30 different people that he knows. I think that is cool for all of them. He even met some of my friends kids and their mission presidents. I guess it was Mission President Week and all the new Mission Presidents came. A lot of the Twelve Apostles came also. I guess all but Dallin H. Oaks, and Russel M. Nelson came on Sunday. That's exciting, even though Braxton says he didn't get to see them. Elder Oaks came later though, but Braxton didn't say if he got to see him or not. On Sunday their speaker was Stephen B. Allen. He is the director of the missionary department and he even spoke in General Conference. (a few conferences back) He is really enjoying the Firesides!

He told of a mishap that happened and so I will just put it how he said. It was like this: "so the other day after gym I went to shower and all the showers were full, so I went to the second floor, none, third floor, none, then finally the fourth floor had one and I finished my shower. I had a towel on and walked down the stairs (I forgot which side of the building I was on) and went into what I thought was my room. I opened the door and just looked around trying to figure out why in the heck I had four Anziano's (Elder's) in my room. And then, I realized it wasn't my room, so I said sorry and walked out. That was funny!"

"Oh, I accidentally said a few things in Spanish like: I was pregnant and accidentally said some bad words. No one would tell me what I said though." Oops!
"I'm doing great here! My Spanish is coming but it still stinks, I love it!"

Well, much better. A lot more information than the past. I think he is getting use to things now. Actually he is finally getting my letters and answering some of the questions. :0)

He remembered his email. It is: Braxton also sent a lot of pictures, which I just love! I bet you enjoy them too right? Underneath the pictures is what he wrote on the back of them.I love the scriptures. By the way, I spend at least 14 hours a day in that room!

Me and Elder Kodra are going to Rock the Socks off of Mexico!

Elder Cambra...he is awesome. I love this guy!

Me and Cox. Braxton's good friend from Hooper. These two are crazy and so funny. Elder Cox is going to serve in the Baltic Mission. These young men are awesome!

Look at Colin's face. He is trying hard to lift himself up! Or maybe laughing so he can't.

Elder Cambra and Elder Washburn.... Funny Guys!

Elder Braxton Ropelato, Elder DJ Hirschi, and Elder Colin Cox.

And last but not least the power of Braxton's name tag. He says: "my name tag is powerful and it is supplying the whole MTC with electricity and power." (I bet he's glad he got that name tag. :0) )

And as said before "I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!"

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Missing being Dirty!

Well this week Braxton informed us that he has only recieved the letters Larry has been sending. WHAT? I couldn't believe it. I have been writing him 2-4 times a week answering his questions and letting him know what's been going on. Man, I can't believe it. Hopefully they meet up with him at some point!

Elder Ropelato say's "my knees are bruised from praying so much, and I miss being dirty. I didn't think I was so attached to dirt and grease, and stuff."

He had to teach the restoration in Spanish, and says it was hard because he's not fluent yet. (I think he should give him self another 6-8 months)

Braxton says "I am learning a ton, I guess when you are in class for 11 hours a day you should learn a ton."

If he had been getting my letters we would know more because I had asked alot of questions to help him out. (frustrating)

Maybe if you are reading this you could drop him a line or two. He says letters are great and pictures are the best.

He ends again with
This is kind of a cool picture huh? Great colors! I think they are making time for a little fun.

Elder Cambra, Elder Washburn, Elder Adams, Elder King, Elder Seebenhaar, and Elder Ropelato

It's good to see that there is time to have a little fun. Braxton is a kid that makes fun happen. They work hard all day and it is nice to see them enjoying themselves and making us laugh still. GREAT PICTURE!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Still Not Alot Of Info

Braxton writes that everything is a big blur, and he's not sure what to write. He say's things are going good! He also says "I've learned a crazy ton." He likes his companion. They are working out their differences and Braxton is staying positive! He says that he actually likes English now because Spanish is hard, but he has already learned a ton. That's about it however he did send a few more photo's to share.

This is Braxton (he wrote that on the back)

This is Braxton's companion Elder Kodra, he just ate something sour.

I think this is his District? He didn't write anything on the back of this one.
Elder Ropelato and Elder Thompson (a friend from school)

Elder Manning, Elder Mann, and Elder Ropelato.
Braxton and Derek Diapolus (our friend from Hawaii) These Elders all got their call the same day and all got called to Mexico City. They all went to High School together. The other two are going to a different mission than Braxton but the same as each other. They are Elder Andrew, Elder Ropelato and Elder Thompson.This is a "Service Day". Man I love to see my boys work. I told them they'd need to know that stuff for their missions. They look like they are afraid of dirt! :)

Elder Ropelato ends with "I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!"

Friday, June 6, 2008

Yeah, Pictures!

June 3, 2008

Braxton has set up a new e-mail but has forgot it, hopefully he'll remember before he leaves the MTC. He said not to use his other e-mail, he won't get them if any are sent. I guess just use the or his PO Box in the MTC.

"Well the MTC is sweet! It's super spiritual! Yesterday we could only speak spanish and that's hard when you don't know spanish." :) (I like that!) "It's coming though."

Elder Ropelato has ran into our friend from Hawaii that just got to the MTC. He was able to talk with him and that was nice.

That's about it except that he is alive and well and loves being a real life missionary!

Here are some pictures that he sent. I love getting them and seeing him as a missionary.

Elder Ropelato and his companion, Elder Kodra and below with Elder Trevor Man.

This one of him jumping made me smile, because that is my Brax! This is Elder Braxton Ropelato and Elder Adam Gessel. These two boys were due 2 days apart, but Adam came a month early. They use to play together when they were small. It's cool they got to see each other in the MTC. Elder Gessel will serve in Tennessee!