Friday, June 6, 2008

Yeah, Pictures!

June 3, 2008

Braxton has set up a new e-mail but has forgot it, hopefully he'll remember before he leaves the MTC. He said not to use his other e-mail, he won't get them if any are sent. I guess just use the or his PO Box in the MTC.

"Well the MTC is sweet! It's super spiritual! Yesterday we could only speak spanish and that's hard when you don't know spanish." :) (I like that!) "It's coming though."

Elder Ropelato has ran into our friend from Hawaii that just got to the MTC. He was able to talk with him and that was nice.

That's about it except that he is alive and well and loves being a real life missionary!

Here are some pictures that he sent. I love getting them and seeing him as a missionary.

Elder Ropelato and his companion, Elder Kodra and below with Elder Trevor Man.

This one of him jumping made me smile, because that is my Brax! This is Elder Braxton Ropelato and Elder Adam Gessel. These two boys were due 2 days apart, but Adam came a month early. They use to play together when they were small. It's cool they got to see each other in the MTC. Elder Gessel will serve in Tennessee!


Starley Family said...

My brother in law is now in the MTC. He's headed to Peru. It's fun to see life at the MTC.

ynotbarb said...

Mom Ropelato, please contact Elder Kodra's parents.801-766-9778