Thursday, June 12, 2008

Still Not Alot Of Info

Braxton writes that everything is a big blur, and he's not sure what to write. He say's things are going good! He also says "I've learned a crazy ton." He likes his companion. They are working out their differences and Braxton is staying positive! He says that he actually likes English now because Spanish is hard, but he has already learned a ton. That's about it however he did send a few more photo's to share.

This is Braxton (he wrote that on the back)

This is Braxton's companion Elder Kodra, he just ate something sour.

I think this is his District? He didn't write anything on the back of this one.
Elder Ropelato and Elder Thompson (a friend from school)

Elder Manning, Elder Mann, and Elder Ropelato.
Braxton and Derek Diapolus (our friend from Hawaii) These Elders all got their call the same day and all got called to Mexico City. They all went to High School together. The other two are going to a different mission than Braxton but the same as each other. They are Elder Andrew, Elder Ropelato and Elder Thompson.This is a "Service Day". Man I love to see my boys work. I told them they'd need to know that stuff for their missions. They look like they are afraid of dirt! :)

Elder Ropelato ends with "I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!"


Heather D. White said...

Elder Ropelato sounds like a DYNAMITE missionary!!!! Can't wait to hear more about his mission..and see more fun pics!

Aaron & Krystal said...

Looks like he's doing his service assignment in 1M (the main building). When I was working there, they expected that building to be spotless ALL the time (because it's the one everyone sees) good thing Braxton knows how to do a good job. :) Looks like he's having a good time too. Kyle just started a blog, it's if you want to check in on him every now and again.