Saturday, June 21, 2008

Missing being Dirty!

Well this week Braxton informed us that he has only recieved the letters Larry has been sending. WHAT? I couldn't believe it. I have been writing him 2-4 times a week answering his questions and letting him know what's been going on. Man, I can't believe it. Hopefully they meet up with him at some point!

Elder Ropelato say's "my knees are bruised from praying so much, and I miss being dirty. I didn't think I was so attached to dirt and grease, and stuff."

He had to teach the restoration in Spanish, and says it was hard because he's not fluent yet. (I think he should give him self another 6-8 months)

Braxton says "I am learning a ton, I guess when you are in class for 11 hours a day you should learn a ton."

If he had been getting my letters we would know more because I had asked alot of questions to help him out. (frustrating)

Maybe if you are reading this you could drop him a line or two. He says letters are great and pictures are the best.

He ends again with
This is kind of a cool picture huh? Great colors! I think they are making time for a little fun.

Elder Cambra, Elder Washburn, Elder Adams, Elder King, Elder Seebenhaar, and Elder Ropelato

It's good to see that there is time to have a little fun. Braxton is a kid that makes fun happen. They work hard all day and it is nice to see them enjoying themselves and making us laugh still. GREAT PICTURE!

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