Monday, April 26, 2010

Wowzer's, this week was....eventful?

Braxton found his girlfriend this week. She is 95 years old and quite the character. Braxton went to interview her for baptism and he said: "let's just say I hope I die before I am 95." When they got to the interview Braxton looked at Elder Berezay and asked him if he was kidding. Braxton was afraid they would drown her or something. But it went well, in fact, it was one of the funniest interviews that he has on his mission, not spiritual mind you , just fun. This sister tried to eat everything and kept putting things in her's, comps hand and finally an old piece of bread which she sucked on for a bit then spit in on the floor and went for the comps hand again. Elder Berezay would tap her on her shoulder when she wasn't looking and she didn't have a clue what was happening. (missions can be fun) At first she wouldn't talk to the Elders so they went and bought her a treat and then she started talking to them. Elder Valencia told her to laugh cause it was quiet and she did the fakest laugh ever and I guess the Elders thought it was awesome. They had to scream to teach her and Braxton thought it was a blast.

Then either Thursday or Friday, they were on divisions and Elder Magadan told Braxton and his comp that a "hot lady" had contacted them in their apartment complex but he didn't want to go teach her because he felt embarrassed. So, Braxton and Elder Whitney said they would go teach her. They knocked and she told them that she was getting in the shower and to come back later, so I guess they just knocked again and she opened the door. When she did Braxton just thought PROSTITUTE. Braxton and Elder Whitney both thought in their minds that Elder Magadan was a faggot because he knew and set them up. (kind of funny if you ask me) Braxton and the other Elder went in feeling terribly uncomfortable and teach the quickest lesson ever, said and prayer and was out of there. This certain Prostitute went through a lot of surgery because she use to be a man. Braxton is sure that he inherited a homophobic gene from his dad because he thought it was the grossest thing ever and down right nasty. Afterwards when they found Elder Magadan he told them it was a joke. Braxton thought that was the worst joke ever!

On the brighter side of things they baptized a lady named Laura. She was scared of the water. She didn't really say she was afraid but her dry heaving in the font kind of made them think so. The drain was broke and when they opened the doors half the water was gone and they had to kneel and baptize from the knees. To fill the font Braxton had to climb up in the Attic of the church and drop through to open it up. But the baptism was cool and Braxton feels like she is just one of those people that will stay active.

While Braxton was in Church on Sunday (which was missionary Sunday) he spoke and then sat and listened to the others and while he was listening it just hit him that he will be coming home real soon. He really didn't like the thought of that. He said he didn't cry but that he did get teary eyed. "The mission is just so so so so amazing. I really just LOVE it, but it has to come to an end. It really sucks." (from his mouth)

He is way excited to see everyone and to get things going in life. He has some ideas of where he'd like to work and will work that out in the Temple when he gets home. He really wants to work in the Temple too when he gets home.

"Well take care everyone, love you all a ton."
nos veremos pronto.
tu hijo, amigo, hermano, para algulen su futuro esposo, quien sera? quien sabe

Monday, April 19, 2010

Not His Time

Braxton started by saying that he is way jealous of Jaydan right now because he is just starting his mission and that he has a fresh two years. But at the same time he said it's okay because of right now Braxton doesn't have any regrets nor plans for regrets. So Braxton feels great that he is finishing his mission the way he planned on but also sad that it is ending. In fact as he wrote that he said he was shaking really bad. (but ya ni modo)

This week the guy that the missionaries were planning on baptizing decided to party it up and got drunk out of his mind. So he said they will keep working on him.

This is the part for the title: Not his time. On Friday the day after we got to talk to Braxton, Braxton went to a baptismal interview for another missionary. When they got to the house where the interview was to be held the mother wasn't there because she was waiting for her child at the school. Braxton's comp and another missionary decided to go to the store to buy some food. Braxton and the other missionary were sitting there talking and they noticed it sounded like there was a party close by, very close by in fact. Braxton said it sounded like a lamanite war cry before the battle and then just 5 minutes later the first gun shot went off. The missionaries thought it was fireworks. Even though the lady they were waiting for said she would feed them hamburgers Braxton got hungry and told the missionary he was with that he wanted to go to the store and get a hot dog. At that time they started hearing lots of gun one, two, or even three but probably at least fifty. (not an exaggeration) They were told to get in the store which was quickly locked up and kept them safe from the battle going on just outside. There is a house connected to the store and so they ended up going into it. Then a young high school kid knocks on the door and wants to rent a room because he was hiding from the cops. The kid had a gun with him and wasn't let in and so he took off. At that point Braxton remembers his comp and the other missionary and is worried about them. They were both okay though because they ran for safe ground. Then Braxton said the cops came and all the screaming and havoc and gun shots stopped. They were able to leave and in the exact spot where they had been sitting while waiting for the lady to come home just 15 to 20 minutes earlier looked like a war zone. Bricks were smashed and crushed, car windows were gone, and the police and ambulance trucks were filled with people.

Earlier that day Braxton had decided to carry his own copy of the Book of Mormon in his hand. He had a scripture marked and highlighted that said....I do not fear death because Christ conquered death through the Resurrection.

The four missionaries were lead by "hunger" (or maybe the spirit) out of danger to a safe place. Braxton's testimony grew from the Book of Mormon that was in his hand all day and the influence the Spirit has on us if we listen. God works in mysterious ways, and the thing that counts most is that HE IS working!

I'm just glad that this is a story we were able to hear from our son and not about our son. I am thankful it wasn't his time to go.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Today is Braxton's 21st birthday! I can't believe how time just speeds right by. What a fun kid Braxton has been. He has been a blessing since the day he entered this world. I can't get enough of that awesome smile, or that mischievous twinkle in his eyes.
I love that he does his own thing, his own way. He's good at whatever he does. I love that he can be serious and that he can teach by the "spirit" and that he feels the difference the "spirit" makes in our lives and others.
I love that he loves the Lord and has spend the last two years serving Him and that he has changed in the process. I am grateful that through his service and mission it has helped me to grow.
I am glad that Braxton is my son! I am glad that he is the middle child and can influence the rest of his siblings and be close to all of them. Braxton has been a wonderful example to us all.
Did you know that Braxton's first word was "Jesus"? Cindee was babysitting one night for us and went and got Braxton from his crib and he pointed at the picture on the wall and said "Jesus". Cindee got the chills, looked around and put Braxton down. He just one had ever taught him that, he remembered. He has always remembered his Savior and has chosen to follow him throughout his entire life. What a blessing Braxton has been to our family.
We love you Braxton Bennett Ropelato!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Started and Ended just like That!

"Well the first week of the last change is over and the second week has's just weird."
Braxton is so Thankful for the comp he had now. He is just fun and teaches well and works hard. He said: The Lord rewarded me with a sweet comp to finish out my mission."

They have a baptism this week and are continuing to work hard. They have been a little bit lost since they have been opening up a new area. Braxton thinks they have it under control though.

He didn't have much else to say. He thought about getting his topic for his homecoming report from dad now. (he said he was just kidding though, but the thought was there because he wrote it)

That's about it and he signed it.....Elder Ropelato (the one in Mexico) (silly boy(:)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cool Week

Braxton started this letter off by telling about a rat that he had hit using his slingshot. He only hit it with a gummy bear though and so it didn't hurt it. Rocks are harder to find.

From doing door knocks the missionaries were able to find a lot of inactive people and work with them. After giving one lady a blessing she asked the missionaries what was on their hands? She was planning on going to the doctor but didn't need to after the blessing. (cool) It was a really neat experience since she had the faith and believed and was healed.

Braxton really like Dallin H. Oaks talk on Saturday.

Braxton had changes last night and was he is going to Tenayuca. It's like 10 minutes to walk there from where he had been serving. His new comp is Elder Lopez. (one of about 5 named that)

They spent all day Friday looking for an apartment for some missionaries. They were successful and even got the contract signed and everything. There were a ton of changes this time around because the President is getting every thing ready for the new mission. Braxton's mission (Mexico City West) and the North mission are being split to make the Northwest mission.

Well that is all for this week. We get to talk to Braxton this month instead of Mother's Day since Jaydan will be gone soon. Brax was really hoping for the 14th (his birthday) but the calendar was booked for that night and it wouldn't work out for everyone. We are going to try for the 15th.