Monday, April 26, 2010

Wowzer's, this week was....eventful?

Braxton found his girlfriend this week. She is 95 years old and quite the character. Braxton went to interview her for baptism and he said: "let's just say I hope I die before I am 95." When they got to the interview Braxton looked at Elder Berezay and asked him if he was kidding. Braxton was afraid they would drown her or something. But it went well, in fact, it was one of the funniest interviews that he has on his mission, not spiritual mind you , just fun. This sister tried to eat everything and kept putting things in her's, comps hand and finally an old piece of bread which she sucked on for a bit then spit in on the floor and went for the comps hand again. Elder Berezay would tap her on her shoulder when she wasn't looking and she didn't have a clue what was happening. (missions can be fun) At first she wouldn't talk to the Elders so they went and bought her a treat and then she started talking to them. Elder Valencia told her to laugh cause it was quiet and she did the fakest laugh ever and I guess the Elders thought it was awesome. They had to scream to teach her and Braxton thought it was a blast.

Then either Thursday or Friday, they were on divisions and Elder Magadan told Braxton and his comp that a "hot lady" had contacted them in their apartment complex but he didn't want to go teach her because he felt embarrassed. So, Braxton and Elder Whitney said they would go teach her. They knocked and she told them that she was getting in the shower and to come back later, so I guess they just knocked again and she opened the door. When she did Braxton just thought PROSTITUTE. Braxton and Elder Whitney both thought in their minds that Elder Magadan was a faggot because he knew and set them up. (kind of funny if you ask me) Braxton and the other Elder went in feeling terribly uncomfortable and teach the quickest lesson ever, said and prayer and was out of there. This certain Prostitute went through a lot of surgery because she use to be a man. Braxton is sure that he inherited a homophobic gene from his dad because he thought it was the grossest thing ever and down right nasty. Afterwards when they found Elder Magadan he told them it was a joke. Braxton thought that was the worst joke ever!

On the brighter side of things they baptized a lady named Laura. She was scared of the water. She didn't really say she was afraid but her dry heaving in the font kind of made them think so. The drain was broke and when they opened the doors half the water was gone and they had to kneel and baptize from the knees. To fill the font Braxton had to climb up in the Attic of the church and drop through to open it up. But the baptism was cool and Braxton feels like she is just one of those people that will stay active.

While Braxton was in Church on Sunday (which was missionary Sunday) he spoke and then sat and listened to the others and while he was listening it just hit him that he will be coming home real soon. He really didn't like the thought of that. He said he didn't cry but that he did get teary eyed. "The mission is just so so so so amazing. I really just LOVE it, but it has to come to an end. It really sucks." (from his mouth)

He is way excited to see everyone and to get things going in life. He has some ideas of where he'd like to work and will work that out in the Temple when he gets home. He really wants to work in the Temple too when he gets home.

"Well take care everyone, love you all a ton."
nos veremos pronto.
tu hijo, amigo, hermano, para algulen su futuro esposo, quien sera? quien sabe

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