Monday, April 12, 2010

Started and Ended just like That!

"Well the first week of the last change is over and the second week has's just weird."
Braxton is so Thankful for the comp he had now. He is just fun and teaches well and works hard. He said: The Lord rewarded me with a sweet comp to finish out my mission."

They have a baptism this week and are continuing to work hard. They have been a little bit lost since they have been opening up a new area. Braxton thinks they have it under control though.

He didn't have much else to say. He thought about getting his topic for his homecoming report from dad now. (he said he was just kidding though, but the thought was there because he wrote it)

That's about it and he signed it.....Elder Ropelato (the one in Mexico) (silly boy(:)

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