Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas and Transfers

Braxton had a great Christmas. This is him and Elder Herrera Christmas morning in their pj's. Braxton said that there were transfers but him and his comp are staying put. He's glad and hopes that they will see some success this change.

They were able to go to the Temple and Braxton just loved it. He noticed that the Temple at toto toilets, which are like the best in the world. (can you tell he worked at Durk's plumbing? He notices toilets and plumbing now)
The other night a family asked him to bless the food in English and he had to stop and correct himself because he kept using Spanish. They all just laughed though.

Braxton thinks Mexico is cool. A dad and his boys were on the subway the other day playing their guitars and a whistle instrument. Braxton said it was cool and the kids were like 6 and 10. He enjoyed watching them and said the music was hard and they were really good.

On Christmas there were a lot of drunks that kept coming up to Braxton because they wanted to speak English and because he is white they went to him. He said it was a little scary, but not bad.
This is a volleyball team. I guess Braxton and the other missionary aren't playing since they are in their white dress shirts. *Braxton corrected me and said that he did play volleyball he just forgot to bring another shirt. :)
This is Braxton's gift to himself this Christmas. I wonder how he thinks he'll get that home? I'm sure he will find a way. Pretty cool though!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas and Talking to Braxton

Braxton got his package and I threw in some Holiday Fun!
This is Braxton's tree and gifts. The blue gifts must be his comps. Braxton is sporting a festive holiday look. (love it!)
In Mexico they celebrate Christmas on the 24th, and then do something again the first part of January. So, on Christmas we were able to call Braxton at someones home and he was able to talk for as long as we wanted. We ended up talking for about 4 hours. The family was just playing and preparing things for their little girls birthday that was on Christmas.

Braxton still had a cold, but sounded great otherwise! He has adjusted well and is just working hard. He sounded so good. He was happy that he has received so many cards and letters. That really made his day! He loves letters!

Every time I went to talk to Braxton, Ivy wanted to talk. She understood Braxton when he spoke to her in Spanish. She answered him in English though. Ivy loves Uncle Braxton!

"Surprise!" Larry called Salina and told her we were talking to Braxton so she came over and said "Hello" too. My mom and dad stopped over too and talked to him a bit. Talking to our Missionary was the highlight of the day! It was a great day! We love you Elder Ropelato!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Braxton received his Christmas Package! He said it looked like everything was in it. (oh, good) He told us the plan for Christmas, how and when we could talk to him. We will call him and can talk as long as we have calling cards. :) Oh, I can't wait!

Braxton has been sick again, but he reassured me it was only a cold and that he is fine.

The Elders are working hard. This week they didn't find new people, but still worked hard and hopefully planted some good seeds.

Braxton is looking forward to going to the Temple on Tuesday. It makes him realize how much we take things for granted. Because we are so blessed, sometimes we neglect the important things.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Braxton was sick this week! :(

Not a lot happened this week as far as missionary work went. Braxton was down in bed wishing to die. He was really miserable from Tuesday to Saturday. He was suffering from a constant migrain which got worse when he stood up or sat up. And, because he was laying in bed so much his back started hurting too. And to top that off he was visiting the restroom very often. He also had a sore throat just to top it off.

On Wednesday he decided to walk four doors down to a neighbor who has a friend that is a Doctor. The Doc checked him out. (like all the girls do, says Braxton) After checking him out she went to the Hospital to get some supplies. She checked his temp and blood pressure and all that fun stuff. Then she got out the needles. (Yikes!) She put one in Braxton's hand to hold (I think) and then tries to find a vain. She had a hard time and got "good american blood" all over the couch. She finally puts it in the vein in the crook of his arm and about that time Braxton has a real need to visit the restroom. She told him to wait a minute while she taped it on him. (easy for her to say) So, as soon as she is done taping it up Braxton runs to the restroom. He's all hooked up without a free hand and so that causes a bit of a problem in the restroom. Thank goodness for Comps. His comp took the medicine from one hand so Braxton had a free hand. Whew!

Braxton started feeling better after putting two different medications in his arm directly in his blood stream. Now he just needs to take some pills for another 6 days. He still doesn't feel himself, but is improving.

While he was laying sick and complaining he had time to think about Christ and all the He went through for Braxton personally. He realized that he wasn't going through much at all and that he could suffer a little more for HIM! It was a real eye opener and a blessing!

Even going through all that Braxton say's "I still love being a missionary!"
(oh, and he is feeling a little smaller too. Dropped a few pounds.)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Feeling Good

Braxton got a new comp a few weeks ago. He said he is pretty cool and they have some things in common like being the middle child, dads are Bishops, and they like to have fun. His family lives in the East Mission so it isn't far, but Braxton promised to be good and stay where he should.

Elder Ropelato has been working really hard teaching the people and hopes to see some great results in the next few weeks.

On Thanksgiving they had interviews with their President and meeting in the afternoon. He said the meeting really help him a lot. He had a cool experience about testimonies and how quickly Heavenly Father will bless you, even before you ask. Braxton had a neat experience this week with finding a family. They had a reference and the address was chiquihuite # 176. They were looking down a long road and some how found out the there are actually 5 roads with that name and the houses aren't numbered in order. The decided to walk back a different way after checking all the houses and they had another reference for nino jesus (the name of the street) so they decided to check it out. When they got there they could hear a lady tell the person who answered the door that she wasn't there. Braxton thought that was funny. Then they saw one house on chiquihuite that they hadn't seen and guess what number it was? If you guessed # 176 you are right. The lady was thrilled. She is a member but her husband isn't so the missionaries will start teaching him. Braxton is amazed at how the Lord guides a bunch of unintelligent 19 year olds in the biggest city in the world. He laughs and said "and you thought you were busy!"

Braxton had a drunk come up and shake his hand and then pass out right there on the sidewalk. Brax said he looked dead and then a little girl walked by holding her mothers hand and had the strangest look on her face. Braxton thought is was funny. :)

The people in Mexico think that Braxton is BEAUTIFUL! He doesn't care why they think it. It makes him feel good no matter what the reason is.

Braxton and his comp went to the Heart of the City and Braxton said "holy cow, there were a ton of people." His comp said that was the least amount he has ever seen in the center, but Braxton was blown away. He sure misses Hooper!

Braxton ran into some other white kids doing missionary work or pioneering as they called it. They were all about the Bible and after meeting them Braxton actually had one of his best study times yet. He realized just how much the Bible testifies of the Book of Mormon and the Restoration. It was awesome for him. His testimony is growing all the time and He LOVES BEING A MISSIONARY!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm filled with a little too much joy and don't know why

Braxton loves hearing from everyone. He loves e-mails BUT would really love a letter from home. Either use the or just write one and fold it in 3's, tape it and mail it. (no envelopes) He has requested this MANY TIMES! So, if you are reading this go get out a pencil and write him a letter!

Elder Ropelato was teaching a 19 year old that he said was "Golden". The kids girlfriend had chased the missionaries down to teach him. Braxton was enjoying teaching him, but now the boy is moving to another area. Braxton says that happens a lot.

Braxton is working hard, having fun, and really wanting letters! Hey it's Christmas time-make his day and write him a letter!