Monday, December 15, 2008

Braxton was sick this week! :(

Not a lot happened this week as far as missionary work went. Braxton was down in bed wishing to die. He was really miserable from Tuesday to Saturday. He was suffering from a constant migrain which got worse when he stood up or sat up. And, because he was laying in bed so much his back started hurting too. And to top that off he was visiting the restroom very often. He also had a sore throat just to top it off.

On Wednesday he decided to walk four doors down to a neighbor who has a friend that is a Doctor. The Doc checked him out. (like all the girls do, says Braxton) After checking him out she went to the Hospital to get some supplies. She checked his temp and blood pressure and all that fun stuff. Then she got out the needles. (Yikes!) She put one in Braxton's hand to hold (I think) and then tries to find a vain. She had a hard time and got "good american blood" all over the couch. She finally puts it in the vein in the crook of his arm and about that time Braxton has a real need to visit the restroom. She told him to wait a minute while she taped it on him. (easy for her to say) So, as soon as she is done taping it up Braxton runs to the restroom. He's all hooked up without a free hand and so that causes a bit of a problem in the restroom. Thank goodness for Comps. His comp took the medicine from one hand so Braxton had a free hand. Whew!

Braxton started feeling better after putting two different medications in his arm directly in his blood stream. Now he just needs to take some pills for another 6 days. He still doesn't feel himself, but is improving.

While he was laying sick and complaining he had time to think about Christ and all the He went through for Braxton personally. He realized that he wasn't going through much at all and that he could suffer a little more for HIM! It was a real eye opener and a blessing!

Even going through all that Braxton say's "I still love being a missionary!"
(oh, and he is feeling a little smaller too. Dropped a few pounds.)


Justin said...

So What did you do braxton, yell hey Elder I'm done, like you used to do with mom, love justin

Trichelle said...

phew, luckily that's over huh? Not so much fun...but like always you (braxton) seem to find the good in things and reflect on how wonderful everything is. I need a lesson in optimism