Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas and Talking to Braxton

Braxton got his package and I threw in some Holiday Fun!
This is Braxton's tree and gifts. The blue gifts must be his comps. Braxton is sporting a festive holiday look. (love it!)
In Mexico they celebrate Christmas on the 24th, and then do something again the first part of January. So, on Christmas we were able to call Braxton at someones home and he was able to talk for as long as we wanted. We ended up talking for about 4 hours. The family was just playing and preparing things for their little girls birthday that was on Christmas.

Braxton still had a cold, but sounded great otherwise! He has adjusted well and is just working hard. He sounded so good. He was happy that he has received so many cards and letters. That really made his day! He loves letters!

Every time I went to talk to Braxton, Ivy wanted to talk. She understood Braxton when he spoke to her in Spanish. She answered him in English though. Ivy loves Uncle Braxton!

"Surprise!" Larry called Salina and told her we were talking to Braxton so she came over and said "Hello" too. My mom and dad stopped over too and talked to him a bit. Talking to our Missionary was the highlight of the day! It was a great day! We love you Elder Ropelato!

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