Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm filled with a little too much joy and don't know why

Braxton loves hearing from everyone. He loves e-mails BUT would really love a letter from home. Either use the dearelder.com or just write one and fold it in 3's, tape it and mail it. (no envelopes) He has requested this MANY TIMES! So, if you are reading this go get out a pencil and write him a letter!

Elder Ropelato was teaching a 19 year old that he said was "Golden". The kids girlfriend had chased the missionaries down to teach him. Braxton was enjoying teaching him, but now the boy is moving to another area. Braxton says that happens a lot.

Braxton is working hard, having fun, and really wanting letters! Hey it's Christmas time-make his day and write him a letter!

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