Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rededication of Mexico City Temple

Elder Ropelato had a great week. On his p-day they were able to play football (even tackle) and he had a great time. He was plenty sore after but enjoyed it.

Braxton texted me on Saturday night to watch KBYU. It was about the Temple dedication and he thought he was on it. We weren't home but it was so fun getting a text from him. :) He said they had a big (huge) program ath the Aztec Stadium which is the 2nd biggest stadium in the World. Our dear Prophet came and sang a solo in Spanish and Braxton said you could feel the "spirit" so strong! Then at the end of the Program all the missionaries (Braxton said like a thousand) came out onto the stage and sang "Called to Serve". It was so cool he said and the "Spirit" was wonderful!
(this is Braxton's stake for the program)
The next Sunday was the best thoug. It was the Temple Dedication Broadcast and Braxton said
even though they weren't there it was just "WOW"! What a wonderful experience!

Braxton has been out on his mission for 6 months!

A funny thing that a lady said. While Braxton and Elder Cruz were teaching her she asked Braxton if he missed cute kids. Braxton told her that there were plenty of cute kids around. Then she said "no there isn't, look at my son and granddaughter, they are ugly." (and she was serious) Braxton thought it was funny. He said they weren't ugly, maybe not beautiful, but still cute! (he told us that not her)

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Starley Family said...

How funny! It's amazing what people say, huh? What a neat experience to hear Pres. Monson sing a solo. Wow!