Monday, November 10, 2008

Ivy's Grandparents

This week Braxton saw both of Ivy's grandparents. Braxton was so excited. He saw them in the parking lot of the Temple. He went over to talk to them and they turned off the car, got out and gave him a hug. They talked and then they gave Braxton their phone number and said to call them if he ever needed anything. How cool for Braxton. Ivy's grandparents are really neat! It was really fun for Braxton to see them. Like I said in the last post he was hoping that some time during his mission he would. They don't live in the same mission, but with the Temple, he was able too.
(Elder Michael and Elder Ropelato)
He spent this week in the Temple parking lot. He was able to go inside too and again said how amazing it is. He was helping a lady in a wheel chair and almost dumped her when the wheel got caught. It scared him, but was really glad she didn't fall out.

He taught his companion what a raisin was. His comp had never heard of one before. Oh and Braxton met some guy that we met at the Senior Olympic, and he also met his cousin Jeff's mission president.

Braxton is doing good and knows how to iron, wash his clothes by hand, and even fold them. He does chores and studies his scriptures. (What a catch he will be)

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