Sunday, May 23, 2010

Homecoming Report & Celebration

Elder King came over on Saturday and stayed the night with Braxton. These two are such good friends and had such a great time together on their missions. Braxton took Brandon to Kamp Kaboom.

Braxton reported today about his mission. His topic was "The influence of the Holy Ghost in our lives". He did a wonderful job. He shared some neat experiences that happened on his mission. The Holy Ghost is a wonderful gift and will guide us and protect us if we will just listen. The primary answers are what we need to concentrate on.....praying and reading our scriptures. When we do those things we will be more in tune to the spirit and be able to recognize the promptings.

Braxton had a lot of support from our wonderful family and dear friends. The church was full. We really do have great families and friends. (some of our friends that always support us are: The Coys (and kids)~they really are family, the Rodees, the Hardys, the Toomers, the Jones, the Hunters, the Monsons, the Miles, the Hodsons, and the Baileys) We sure are blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives!
We had a celebration at our house afterwards. It's always fun to be able to visit with those we care about and love. It was a bit cold and instead of setting the tables up outside we put them in our dirty garage. John and LaDawn Hunters little grandson went out there and was excited as he looked around at all the stuff and said...."this is awesome". I loved it and I'm glad I was there to hear it. So, it was awesome to have the tables in our garage...dirty as it was.
Braxton had a lot of visiting to do. He ate a few hours later. Actually Braxton hasn't ate that much since he has gotten home. He forgets. (I don't understand)
A bunch of Braxton's friends came by to celebrate too. Braxton has great friends. Even the ones that got married or are engaged least those that were good friends. It was so fun having them over again. They kept coming throughout the night.

Elder King and Elder Cook were there too. I think it is great how great friendships are developed on missions.

So after today....I believe Braxton's mission is wrapped up and that door closes. Now on to many more doors and opportunities...

Braxton you served a great mission. Your testimony is so much stronger and you have learned many good and important lessons, It was nice to hear that you got along with all your comps and that you have no regrets. You were the kind of missionary that your mom thought you were. Good Job!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Brax is Back!

Today Braxton got back from his mission. We were all so excited and couldn't wait to see him. This is lots funner than dropping them off and saying goodbye for two years. Braxton's flight landed at about 4:04 pm and we were at the Airport anxiously waiting for him to come to us.
A lady came down and told us the missionaries were on their way....she's seen them. We were ready! Poster, balloons, and all of us (except Joe was working and Jaydan in Argentina) And FINALLY there he was!
It was hard to hold back and let Braxton come to us. I went and hugged him first as soon as he was off the escalator. (couldn't help myself) Then I got the camera and let everyone else welcome Braxton home. Lot's of hugs, tears and smiles!

A few other missionaries that served with Braxton even made it to the airport to welcome Braxton home.
I think at times Braxton wasn't sure how to act and since I had the camera pointed at him all the time he'd just make a funny face.

We shared some funny stories on the way home. Braxton also shared some things with us that his Mission President had shared with him. It was awesome seeing him there in the back seat.

As soon as we made it to Hooper we met the Stake President (Matt) and Braxton went in and visited with him and was released. He had tears in his eyes when the door was opened but he also had a huge smile. Braxton had served well with no regrets!
Braxton's wish was to ride a horse home from the corner and had talked about it for some time. We have great neighbors and they made that wish and dream come true. The Hodson's had 5 horses at the corner when we got there. They even had made signs welcoming Braxton home. Brax is like part of their family too. We love the Hodson's. Braxton was so excited. He even brought a cow boy hat home with him from Mexico and had it ready.

It wasn't long and Braxton and the Hodson girls were headed home. I like how Braxton just led the way.

As soon as Braxton was past the houses he took off. He ran right past our house and into the Hodson's corral. Oh Happy Day for Brax!
It was good to see his grandparents again. They were all very happy to see Braxton and give him a big hug!

Braxton just wanted to eat at our house and requested Steak and potatoes. So, we had just that...steak, potatoes and salad and I even made some cheese cake. It was nice having everyone sitting around the table enjoying each other again.
We always eat buffet style. It just works for us. :)

After eating the boys went in the field and then we went up to Braxton's room as he unpacked. (or at least unpacked some souveniors) Then we went back downstairs to look at his pictures on the TV screen. The Hodson's came over about that time too. It was a wonderful day and night! We are so HAPPY to have Braxton HOME!