Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas and Transfers

Braxton had a great Christmas. This is him and Elder Herrera Christmas morning in their pj's. Braxton said that there were transfers but him and his comp are staying put. He's glad and hopes that they will see some success this change.

They were able to go to the Temple and Braxton just loved it. He noticed that the Temple at toto toilets, which are like the best in the world. (can you tell he worked at Durk's plumbing? He notices toilets and plumbing now)
The other night a family asked him to bless the food in English and he had to stop and correct himself because he kept using Spanish. They all just laughed though.

Braxton thinks Mexico is cool. A dad and his boys were on the subway the other day playing their guitars and a whistle instrument. Braxton said it was cool and the kids were like 6 and 10. He enjoyed watching them and said the music was hard and they were really good.

On Christmas there were a lot of drunks that kept coming up to Braxton because they wanted to speak English and because he is white they went to him. He said it was a little scary, but not bad.
This is a volleyball team. I guess Braxton and the other missionary aren't playing since they are in their white dress shirts. *Braxton corrected me and said that he did play volleyball he just forgot to bring another shirt. :)
This is Braxton's gift to himself this Christmas. I wonder how he thinks he'll get that home? I'm sure he will find a way. Pretty cool though!


Justin said...

Thats a sweet knife, it'll be a lot cooler if you kill something with it before you come home.

Elder Haws said...

wow i found a knife just like that in costa rica.... Weird