Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Still in Ticoman

Braxton is still with Elder Herrera and they are having fun and working really hard. Elder Herrera had contacted a guy who is from California. I guess they were at the top of a hill (hill being an understatement). Braxton said it was amazing. It was the coolest lesson ever, everything made sense to the guy. He even said the prayer at the end and was so filled with the spirit that he was crying. Braxton thought that experience was awesome. The guy wants to read the Book of Mormon and start going to Church the first chance he get. "It's times like these that make being a missionary so worth it."

Someone told Braxton that he looked older than 19. Now that hasn't happened before! So, I guess Brax is all grown up now. At least that is what he said. (a day no one thought would ever come) hahahahahaha! (those are his words)

They should be having a baptism pretty soon. They have been teaching Sonia Rojas and not that things have settled down from the Holidays they will talk to her about a baptismal date. Braxton said she is a really neat lady who just wants to do her best.

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