Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sweet Week!

Braxton had a really good week. He said he didn't know what they changed but things were awesome. They found 18 new investigators and taught 16 lessons. (which is a lot) They have an interview with Sonia Rojas who they have been teaching and she should be getting baptized. (I think he said on Friday) Now they are just going to try hard to get all these people to church on Sunday.

He had a Conference with his President and said it was cool. He loves conferences because they get him so pumped up.

Now for the funny things that don't really mean anything, unless of course you are a missionary.
primero...."I was on a bus and some guy just started talking loud and fast and it was a while before I realized he was talking to me. He was swearing and yelling white people this, your country that, blah, blah, blah about your religion and I just kept ignoring him. People would look at me like are you okay and I'd just smile and continue looking forward. Then when the guy got off the bus he said nos vemos (good bye) and everyone on the bus responded and was glad he got off. Oh, the blessings of being an American."

segundo...."we were on a hill the other day and three kids had flattened 2 litre pop bottles and would use them as a sled to slide down the cement roads. It was funny, and I really wanted to play with them, but decided I needed act mature."

tercero...."we had a drive by were some guys squirted us. I don't know why some people hate Americans so bad, and my poor comp has to go through it all with me. haha"

cuarto...."I spit off this high bridge and there was a lot of spit so as it went down fast it would expand out like a parachute. I was rather impressed with myself."

quinto...."oh this is good...as we were walking down a street a guy took his hat off and blew his nose in it. Yuck, how gross is that!"

"Everything is Super Duper Dandy here in Ticoman Mexico."

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