Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today is Good

Braxton said that this week was good. They had 8 new investigators and were able to teach them. They were able to reach their goals.

Braxton was eating at a ladies house and she needed more tortillas and so Braxton and her son went on bikes to a tortilleria (store for tortillas). He almost got hit by a few cars and then he said "I kind of crashed in front of 4 old people." But, he caught himself! He thinks that's probably why they don't have bikes in the mission. (I'm glad). Victor, the kid he was with got chased by dogs. "Great times."

The family Braxton is living with is moving to Utah to start a Mexican Restaurant. Braxton said that their food is really good and he eats it every morning.

It rained pretty hard the other day and the cars were having a hard time with all the water. Braxton was glad he wasn't in a car that day because it was pretty scary.

His comp was dancing in the street the other day and stepped on a dog.

Braxton is wearing his long pj's he got for Christmas and his socks every night because it is really cold. He can see his breath in the morning inside his house. He wasn't told to bring warm things so he wasn't prepared for the weather they are getting. "God knew though and fattened me up so I could handle the cold. Man, talk about blessing in disguise."

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