Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Days Blurr Together

(this is a picture of Braxton's little hill, yeah haha, it's not so little)

Braxton said it is good that the days blurr together now. It means that time is going fast and all is well. He was thinking back when he first got to Mexico and how it was really hard. He had no friends, he couldn't talk to people (because he didn't know their language), and he was in a crazy, busy place with tons of people. (He wasn't loving it then.) He even thought that it was going to be a long two years. But, now he is settling in and loving it. Now his mission is more what he imagined it to be. He still misses the things back home, but he says things are great and the work is awesome!
(this is Brax showing someone about technology)

He loves going to the Temple and thinks it is just amazing. He was able to go this week and says that he learns so much every time he goes. "I'm always blown away with how perfect the Church is. It's so fetchin true!" He had a cool experience in the Celestial Room and was able to see his companion as his brother and felt a real love for him.

(this is Braxton in front of a train, and the only reason he isn't directly in front of it is because his camera was being slow and the train was coming at him fast)

He mentioned that he was going to go back to the Visitor Center with some investigators and thought that was going to be cool. He also said that there is a guy there that makes scripture cases, in fact cool ones, and so he was going to get some of those too. (I hope that is in his budget, and that he's not over spending)

Braxton said he loves us all a ton! So with that have a good day!

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