Monday, April 5, 2010

Cool Week

Braxton started this letter off by telling about a rat that he had hit using his slingshot. He only hit it with a gummy bear though and so it didn't hurt it. Rocks are harder to find.

From doing door knocks the missionaries were able to find a lot of inactive people and work with them. After giving one lady a blessing she asked the missionaries what was on their hands? She was planning on going to the doctor but didn't need to after the blessing. (cool) It was a really neat experience since she had the faith and believed and was healed.

Braxton really like Dallin H. Oaks talk on Saturday.

Braxton had changes last night and was he is going to Tenayuca. It's like 10 minutes to walk there from where he had been serving. His new comp is Elder Lopez. (one of about 5 named that)

They spent all day Friday looking for an apartment for some missionaries. They were successful and even got the contract signed and everything. There were a ton of changes this time around because the President is getting every thing ready for the new mission. Braxton's mission (Mexico City West) and the North mission are being split to make the Northwest mission.

Well that is all for this week. We get to talk to Braxton this month instead of Mother's Day since Jaydan will be gone soon. Brax was really hoping for the 14th (his birthday) but the calendar was booked for that night and it wouldn't work out for everyone. We are going to try for the 15th.

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