Monday, March 29, 2010

Braxton had a great week. They baptized Carlo, the atheist, and he is just an awesome man. He goes with the missionaries to preach and to give blessings and everything. Braxton was way excited and said it was really neat.

Braxton had some of the coolest interviews of his mission this week. One was with a woman who was worried about her husband not wanting to accept the things he's taught. She was very nervous and scared when she went in for her interview but by the time it ended she felt peace. (all the discomfort and fear had gone) Another was with a lady who only listened to the missionaries because she wanted her daughter to listen. This lady didn't think she could be forgiven of the things she had done earlier in her life. She had no hope whatsoever in her mind that she could be forgiven. The missionaries taught about the atonement and how Christ suffered and how she could be forgiven of everything if she would repent and be baptized. This lady and her daughter were baptized yesterday!

"It is truly amazing to see how drastic the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. It gives meaning to life and reason to keep trying." (I so agree) "It was definitely an awesome week to watch the atonement in action."

Things are going great as they head into the last week of this change and the week of Easter. In a meeting that Braxton went to they had spoken about how important the last week of Christ's life was. If Christ would have given up that last week the whole plan of salvation wouldn't have worked. Also, it's in the last week of work that we truly show our love for God.

"I'll be calling in about two weeks to talk to everyone before Jaydan leaves."
Love you all!! Elder Ropelato

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