Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Got Flight Plans

Even though there weren't any baptisms this week it was still awesome. Braxton found a lot of new people to teach. The only bad thing about the week was that the whole district was pretty much sick and so Braxton and his comp (who weren't sick) worked at full speed.

Braxton learned more about the Spirit this week. He said that at times we just get in a groove, like knocking doors or contacting and we don't think much else about anything else including listening to the Spirit. When they did listen to the Spirit they were led to new~ great people. They were even fed breakfast by some of these new~great people. They taught an atheist about faith and God and on their next visit with him they challenged him to baptism and he accepted.

Yolanda went to church and invited her boyfriend to listen to the missionaries and he agreed to. Things are going really well and are fun and tiring. But, Braxton said he couldn't be happier!

Braxton got his flight plans this week. He will be arriving in SLC at 4:04 pm. (woot! woot!) We might be sticking around the airport for a while though since Elder Roylance has a 3 hour wait for his flight to Washington. There will be a few more Elders arriving at the same time.

Braxton can't believe how the time has flown by. He said it seems like he just got there yet at the same time like he's been there forever and that he'll never make it home. He doesn't trust the flight plans since he had plans to leave Provo 2 years ago and was put off a few weeks. (it won't happen this time)

Brax said: "may God bless you as much as He is blessing me."

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