Sunday, March 14, 2010


Brax....look who I met! I even got a hug from him and seriously it made me feel closer to you.
What did you think when you saw his pic? Did you tear up? (I did) You can't believe it huh? I expect a response. :)
look we matched!;) You have a great friend Braxton. I'm glad he is your best friend from the mission because he is a great guy. His report was awesome and it was fun for me to hear. Afterwards he told me that you and him followed each other from area to area. I didn't know that. Have a great day Son!

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Brax said...

MOM, he is the man, i didnt think you would actually go, or even know how to get there. he is a stud isnt he, ask him for a copy of his talk and i will just reread it at my homecoming. that is SUPER COOL BEANS!