Thursday, May 29, 2008

We got Mail !!!

I'll just share Braxton's letter with you that was post marked May 27, 2008.
Well I guess you're in Lake Powell right now huh? (nope we were home :)) Ya, I know you're all jealous that I'm in the MTC! Don't worry though I'll send pictures. Sundays are definitely the best days here. There is a fireside and movie night on Sundays and you get to study all day! The sacrament and priesthood meetings are also sweet.

The MTC is awesome! There are times when my comp doesn't always want to work very hard, but he's getting better. (I can see Braxton pushing him just a little, or maybe I should say encourage him)

Love you all so much!
Elder Ropelato (I'm still getting use to that)

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The Vance's said...

Wow I did not realize Braxton was 19 crazy! I just saw him driving the other day and know hes gone! Tell Justin and Natalie hi for me And congrats on there baby girl she is way cute!