Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Count Down to Mission

Braxton recieved his call to The Mexico, Mexico City West Mission 4 long months ago. He was on a cruise with his parents to Meso America when his call came. Braxton had his sister open it for him and just before she did he said "it would be so cool if I got called to Mexico". Braxton was so excited when she said that is where he was going. He has been busy preparing to leave, getting in as much fun as he could. He even managed a sleep over at Kamp Kaboom. (his fort in the field) Braxton and his friends went to the Temples often in preparing for their missions. Braxton had a "Fiesta" on saturday to say good-bye to all his friends. There were a ton of kids here, and it was a huge mess. I think they really had a good time. (Braxton has a lot of great friends) He is so excited that the time to go is finally here. Braxton will leave tomorrow (May 14, 2008) for the MTC in Provo. YaaHoo!!

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