Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm a real life missionary!

Braxton loves the MTC. He says: "the spirit is so strong everyday, and you learn so much." "This is like the craziest coolness on earth." He says the language is coming along slowly (maybe because he's only been learning it for like a few weeks) but he can pray and bear a simple testimony in spanish. :) There are like 7 elders that he went to school with and so he thinks that is cool. Actually as his mom, that made it easier for me too.

He writes: "I'm like a real life missionary and this is like-crazy awesome!

His PS was that he feels comfortable in front of his companions and district and zone to be himself. :)

So there you have it. Elder Ropelato can speak a little spanish, loves being a real life missionary, and is comfortable with the other missionaries.

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Aaron & Krystal said...

Ha! I laughed so hard at the PS. He's definitely a boy. Sounds like he's doing great.