Wednesday, May 14, 2008

He's Officially "Elder" Now

Well Braxton was set apart last night as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and his first name was officially dropped and replaced by "Elder". It was a spiritual night and I think Elder Ropelato was floating on a cloud. Friends and Family gathered until late to say their good-byes.

Today was great! We left our house about 10:00 and headed to Provo. We went to Einstein Bagels for lunch. That is where Elder Ropelato chose to go knowing that he probably wouldn't feel like eating much. Justin told Jaydan he hopes he chooses some where a bit nicer. :) Anyway it was good and just being together was nice. Our whole family was there except Kevin of course, but I'm sure he was thinking of us.

We made it to the MTC about 45 minutes early. (we're always early) We took quite a few pictures and went into the room where the instruction begins. I could feel how excited Brax was. I promised not to cry and even though my eyes got teary I kept my promise. It was neat seeing everyone hug and also get a little teary. You could feel the love our family shares. I love that! Anyway we went quick and Elder Ropelato went and began his mission. He's there ready to serve and he is really excited. He is such a hard worker that he won't have to adjust much. Maybe on the studying part, but with everyone else studying it won't be that hard either. He is a choice spirit that is for sure. What a great example to our family. We all sure love him alot.

Hey and to all you friends out there-you have been great! We loved having you over to our home. You have been like family and we hope you know we love you. Good Luck to all the missionaries, you'll all be great! We have a boating activity planned with the girls, but don't even think about them. Keep your minds on your missions!

The MTC is what you make it. It can be a really hard thing or a really positive and great thing. It is your choice! That's true with each day, so choose to make them all great!


Aaron & Krystal said...

Dawn, cute blog! I'm excited for Braxton. It makes me wish I was still working at the MTC so I could have him for service assignment. Or even that I was in Provo, so I could take him a pizza. He'll be such a good missionary, he's always been really good with people.

Jan Haws said...

Dawn, I love this blog. Thanks for sharing it. Congratulations on being there Braxton. I appreciate the great friend you are to Danny. You have a great bunch of kids in your group of friends, a great "Army of Helaman". I am excited for the adventure you will have learning Spanish and loving the people of Mexico. You may see a lot of Kamp Kabooms in Mexico. Best wishes.

kevin said...

well it appears that the brother has joined the ranks and is preparing to due battle. he'll be a powerful weapon in the hands of the Lord.

elder ropelato