Monday, October 13, 2008

More Cow Parts

Elder Ropelato and Elder Cruz are working really hard. They are hoping for baptisms, but Braxton says as long as they are doing what they can he feel good. Elder Ropelato is having a bit of a problem with the different foods they have in Mexico. He likes most of it but he is having some that isn't so great. He had another interesting taco. It made him sick, really sick. I wonder if it was because it was cow intestine. Of course that is why, how gross!

While his comp was talking to some crazy guy, Braxton talked to another guy and was able to teach him the first lesson and gave him a Book of Mormon. He's hoping things will go good from there.

It rained so hard the other day, harder than Braxton has ever seen before. He said he couldn't have gotten more wet if he would have jumped in a lake. He says it's "fun".

Braxton's spanish is improving all the time and the time away is going faster. He said it feel's like he just talked to us all. (he actually said y'all) He's excited to talk to Kevin in Spanish at Christmas. He believes they will be able to communicate even though there are a few difference between the Spanish from the DR and that of Mexico.

One last thing that he told us was that the bus drivers are young. At least the ones he's seen this week. He is sure the one was younger than him, like maybe 17. Crazy Fun in Mexico!

(Here he is in his hammock. It looks like he is studying)

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