Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Manners

Well Braxton informed us this week that he has really good manners and that I'd be proud of him. He said that everyone always eats with their fingers and talks with their mouths full. Either he isn't or he is fitting right in. I'm not sure, but either way he is fitting right in.

There are little street stores all over and they are ran by even kids. Braxton saw one the other day where a little 9-10 year old was running it. Braxton thought it was kind of cool, but at the same time felt bad that the kids really don't have much of a childhood.

Braxton has been teaching a lady named Brenda, and every time they set a baptismal date (they've set like 4) something weird always happens the day before. That is so how Satan works. He does not want us to do the things that will better ourselves or others. They are not giving up on her though. They are also teaching a guy names Louis Alberto. He actually contacted the missionaries and they have been teaching him. After the first lesson they had him pray, which of course they had to teach him how first. Braxton's comp freaked out because he thought it was so amazing and marvelous. Braxton thought his comp was funny for getting so excited. He said you would have to be there. Braxton said there are other cool families too.

Braxton loves being a Missionary!

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