Saturday, December 26, 2009


This year Braxton got a box of wrapped gifts with scriptures to go with the gifts inside. I guess all the gifts had been poked by someone so they could see what was inside. So instead of a gift a day some got opened sooner. Braxton and his comp had Christmas with a few other Elders. I think Braxton said there were 6 of them together. (they were in Metepec) Braxton also got a book of the cruises which he loved! I know the missionaries went some place Christmas morning but from about 10:11 his time until about 2:30 he had his phone to his ear. :) Brooke came over and spent a little time talking to him too.
We let Jaydan talk to Braxton first and tell him about his mission call. Braxton guessed the closest and had even thought of Uruguay. I guess we know who has the "spirit". Anyway for guessing so close, Braxton will get another package sent to him before he comes home. Everyone in our family got to spent time talking to Braxton. Braxton sounded really good and has changed in a good way. He even has noticed the change in himself. :) It was really nice having the time to talk to him. We went through 4 calling cards. We wouldn't have even went through one if it had been a land line but cell phones eat up the minutes. I'm not complaining though because I had bought the calling cards last year and had them left over.

One more phone call in May and then Braxton will be home. Jaydan will just miss seeing him by a month. So another 2 years for those two!

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