Wednesday, March 11, 2009

no manches me veo bien chido

This is the first part of Braxton's email this week as he put it.
"Whats up guys? This week has been good. nothing amazing has happened but I've learned so much. I think I've accepted the fact that whenever you are in life there is always more to learn and its impossible to catch up. Some people say the mission gets easier as you go. I completely disagree! Because the more I learn the more I understand how, despite my hard work I have to work harder. As I more fully understand what it is I'm actually doing there is more pressure, so it definitely isn't easier, but it is so much funner and rewarding."

Random tid bits for this week:

Braxton was trying to explain something to his comp this week and used the phrase "comida rapido", or fast food. His comp corrected him and said they all say fast food. Braxton was confused and still doesn't know when to translate or leave it. He still thought it was funny though.

They did a Family Home Evening with a family and Braxton decided to do something that our family does. To go around the family and each person shares something nice about that person. Braxton and his comp went first so the family would see what they meant but I guess the family bombed it. Almost everything they said was negative. Braxton wasn't quite sure how they didn't understand the rules and so they quit playing and moved on to eating pizza. He said the pizza was good but the activity was a failure.

Braxtons keys got locked in their apartment. (he said his comp locked them in) They just used their handy dandy cards the President gave them and slid it in the door and opened it. (safe place) (I think the cards were about Preach My Gospel condensed and laminated.)

A lady was selling chocolate to earn money to pay for school. Her sales pitch was "one for 15 pesos, two for 30 pesos." (well duh?) Braxton and his comp decided to go for the "better" deal and get two. They really laugh hard when she left.

Braxton had the hiccups the other night and could hardly talk. So one of the guys got up and walked behind him. Braxton thought he was going to get something, but instead he snuck up and scared the crap out of Braxton. Braxton had a glass of water in his hand trying to get rid of the hiccups and when he was scared he jumped and water splashed everywhere. He said it worked though. He didn't have the hiccups after that.

They were able to attend the Temple again and Braxton just loves it. He is looking forward to going every month with our family when he gets home.

He ended by saying "I love you all and everyone in Utah and Utah itself."
His pictures were mostly of his food creations and even of him cleaning up his mess. (oh ya, my training has come in handy-Brax does dishes and cooks)

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